Back in January I asked, So Tell Me About Mike Huckabee.  The comments were not very favorable.

I was neutral to favorable on Huckabee.  But it’s not a choice.  He announced tonight that his heart is not in it.

Now that Huckabee is out, what do you think?

Updates – My thoughts in random order:

  • Whatever his shortcomings, Huckabee had an ability to connect with voters in a way few other candidates could.  We lost a good potential nominee.
  • This is the best day Mitt Romney has had in a long time.
  • This is the best day Tim Pawlenty has had in an even longer time.
  • There is only one motivational potential candidate left.
  • The MSM will coalesce behind Mitch Daniels, which will make it so much sweeter for them when they tear him down if he gets the nomination.
  • The notion that what we need is the non-Obama will grow; “first do no harm” will be the mantra.

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