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Maybe Israel Should Now Recognize The Basque State

Maybe Israel Should Now Recognize The Basque State

And the Kurdish State.
Via Israel Matzav, Spain to recognize ‘Palestine’ on the ‘1967 lines’

The Palestinian Authority announced on Thursday that Spain has decided to recognize a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines before September. A spanish diplomat told Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath that Spain would support making the state of Palestine a UN member.

The announcement came as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met in Cairo on Monday, under the auspices of Egyptian authorities, with Ramadan Shallah, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad organization, and his deputy, Ziad Nakhleh.

How nice.  The PA made the announcement while Abbas was meeting with the leader of one of the most hardline rejectionist terrorist groups.  Let me guess, it will not end with the “1967 lines.”

Update:  Turkey celebrates 558 years of illegal occupation of Constantinople.

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They should also give the ETA weapons and money.

Why doesn't Spain just cede their conquered lands back to the Muslims, too? I believe it used to be called (and still is by the Muslim terrorists) Andalusia (or Al-Andalus). Another state for the UN to add to it's list of tyrant nations.

After all, Ferdinand and Isabella took that land from the Muslim caliphate. It is just land occupied for centuries by Christian infidels, after all. How dare they?!

Europe is being conquered, by stealth, and PC acquiescence, after all the hard-fought battles to preserve it. Charles Martel. The Gates of Vienna. The Slavic struggles (Vlad of Transylvania is an example of one famous fighter). Ferdinand and Isabella. All for nothing…..? Spain is a classic example.

Israel must stand. We must stand with Israel.