The demand for a recount, at taxpayer expense, by JoAnne Kloppenburg has produced almost no change in the vote count after six days of counting, but has cost taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars already.

The Prosser Recount committee has a handy way of keeping track of the tally and the cost, what it calls the Kloppenburg-O-Meter, which as of April 28, with 31.75% of all wards recounted,  showed that Kloppenburg picked up 111 votes at a cost of $462,000. 

As of today, with over half the wards and votes recounted, the count has not changed much, with Kloppenburg picking up a whopping 148 votes.

Considering that the vote margin after the full canvass was 7316, and no recount in Wisconsin ever has resulted in a change of more than a few hundred votes, this is shaping up as a paradigm of how easy it is for Democrats to spend other people’s money.

Update: Recall Hansen Group Seeks TRO Against Harassment of Petition Signers.

Update 05-04-2011:  Vote count still not changed much with over 69% of wards counted and 64% of vote total, Kloppenburg has picked up 178 votes.

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