(Originally posted 5/12/11, but lost in the Big Blogger Blackout of 2011, brought back to life courtesy of the Restore Honor and Sanity (and missing Legal Insurrection posts) Project)

Just a meaningless but curious etymology. From Kloppenburg.org:

As my father explains, the Kloppen part means “‘fighting’, beating, defeating, thrashing or raising hell.” The burg part means simply a fortification.

So, as I like to tell my friends and acquaintances, Kloppenburg can be translated in the vernacular to mean “Fort Whoop-Ass”.

I now place the odds of her conceding without court action at less than 50/50.

Like I said, on the verge of becoming a verb.

In other news, did you hear the one about the wide open ballot bags in the city of Brookfield that are so troubling even though the recount vote matched election night and canvass numbers almost precisely? And in Milwaukee County too.

I get it now. The Republicans failed to seal ballot bags properly in order to commit election fraud, but did so in a way that the votes didn’t change much on the recount.

Evil geniuses, they. Depriving Team Kloppenburg of the proof it needed to unmask the conspiracy. This runs deep, very deep.

To the barricades! Defend the fort.

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