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Jack Davis, NY-26 Candidate, Smacks Videographer

Jack Davis, NY-26 Candidate, Smacks Videographer

Jack Davis, the faux Tea Party candidate and spoiler in NY-26 may have just spoiled Democrats’ hopes of snatching the seat in a three-way race.

Davis refused to participate in debates, and when confronted by someone from the Republican Party questioning why, Davis unloaded:

The Davis campaign, including former Republican candidate David Bellavia, who is backing Davis after Bellavia was passed over for the nomination, are claiming Davis was harassed and provoked.

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Messes With Texas | May 12, 2011 at 12:36 am

Apparently, Mr. Davis withdrew from the debate because he feels his opponents are ".. both liars."

I have no idea if his opponents are liars or not, but if being around liars offends him, it would seem Congress is the last place he would want to go.

This propensity for violence in the face of questions seems to be a rising epidemic among the Lefties. From the SEIU thugs beating up Kenneth Gladney to the impromptu cover of "Who Are You" by Bob Etheridge, it's more and more apparent by the day that when confronted with any viewpoint that disagrees with their own, politicians and activists of a certain alignment automatically turn off their brains and let their primeval instincts control their behavior.

When a man cannot control himself in the midst of a situation that presents a clear and present danger, rash actions may be understandable.

When a man cannot control himself in the face of an intellectual challenge, that man does not deserve the right to be called a man, much less to make any type of decisions about the lives of others.

I think I just heard the toaster pop.

Boy, "Jack-in-the-Box" Davis was much easier to get rid of than a few of the phony tea-party clowns who jumped into races here in New Jersey!

Wow! Just you just ask him a legitimate question and he goes off!

Hey, Jack . . . next time you get the urge to go "street-rat crazy" just stop down to your local Jack-in-the-Box for a refreshing mango smoothy . . . it'll take the edge off, there fella!