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In Lieu of a Bumper Sticker

In Lieu of a Bumper Sticker

The internet is a cruel place.

I don’t know what to make of this, my blog’s name being associated with Her via some sort of automated weblog:

I wonder what she will accuse me of now.

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I can only suggest as to one aspect of this. I was looking online to make some extra money in my free time sometime early last year in addition to my other job. I stumbled upon Mechanical Turks: and tried it out. You do simplistic tasks in return for 10-50 cents per group of tasks starting out. You may be surprised at the following example of the type of situation I have dealt with the most. I will be given a web link, and someone's name. I'll have to click the link, survey the page, and examine it for certain things. "Does this webpage portray this person in a positive way?" "Does the webpage implicate the person in something or contain incendiary language, drugs or sex?". Many times I would roll on to a page that explained how the person whose name is in question is going through another country's court system for white collar crimes, or a dui, hit and run ect. It was ridiculous. So, I am complicit in helping scrub the internets like a one man SEAL team 8 on a shoestring budget from the bad deeds of worse men. The reason I bring this up is because I would see pages like this one. I believe someone has been paid to generate hateful algorithms about you, frankly.

She is such a dimwit, the possibilities are severely limited. Being blonde and pretty and having rich and famous parents doesn't guarantee that you can or should be taken seriously and in the case of Meghan McCain, taking her seriously is a form of sepuku!

It could be worse. For a time I was getting traffic from a porn site (according to the statistics in my Blogger account).