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If You Can Read This, We’re Still Alive!

If You Can Read This, We’re Still Alive!

Sent by reader Barbara, taken on the North-South Freeway in southern New Jersey in mid-April:

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D'ya think they'll give than camper a new paint job now?

The day is not over.


Well, it's 6:15 AM in Texas and I'm still here. Either it hasn't happened yet or I'm not a very good Christian. Of course it might be a few more hours before I get out into the world.

Yanno, it might be fun to write e-mails to everyone and then, in the middle of a sentence

Jesus warned us that false prophets and preachers would try to deceive us.

What is interesting to me is the fact that the secular media – which has had great fun using this to mock Christians – loves to try to scare us with wild stories of how the world will end due to global warming, nuclear war, environmental pollution, racial conflict, overpopulation, the Patriot Act, etc. The fact that not a single one of these predictions has come true does not deter the secular media from engaging in them time and time again.

This has been happening since Jesus was crucified. There is NO ONE who knows (or can predict/calculate) the day and the hour, according to the Bible. Only the Father knows. (see Matt 24:35-37; Matt 25:12-13; Mark 13:31-33)

Also, these guys are proven to be false prophets, as they predicted this before and were WRONG. (see Deut 18:21-22)

This is just like Y2K – nothing. If the Lord does come, no one will have predicted it. I do kinda like @Peter's suggestion, though. 😉

Bit premature, the Rapture is not supposed to happen until 6:00 p.m. EST.

Twelve more hours and I'll be watching you sinners getting mowed down from the safety of my reserved seat at the camp of the saints. Now where did I put the driving directions.

I don't usually grade professors … but A+ on the post title.

Sorry to have to agree that this one's premature. Should have been held until tomorrow. 🙂

I'm alive. Are you alive?

well, actually some versions of the rapture say all the good people will disappear first, and then the sinners are "left behind"–which is where the novels get their title from…

but we're safe there. i woke up this morning and my wife was still here. so the good people haven't been taken, YET.

Only 45 minutes left to go till tomorrow in the Holy Land (aka Israel) and the only thing that's happening is bonfires all over the place to celebrate Lag Ba'Omer. It might look as if the country's burning but it ain't. 🙂

And for those who worry about Armageddon – that's actually a major crossroad in the north, and there's always a traffic jam there, so I can't see trouble coming from that direction for the moment…

Wow. This is embarrassing. I really thought you sinners would be gone by now. No hard feelings?

As a pagan myself, I must say I'm embarrassed for you all to have someone with these resources making such a fool of himself. It's not like we've got a bunch of people saying "Ragnarok is coming on September 17th– the Eddas GUARANTEE it!"

the radio preacher's original prediction was correct..the rapture took place in 1994. it's just that there were so few 'good christians' that nobody noticed they were missing.

Rev. Camping has fallen victim, like most, to his own arrogance, plain and simple.

Beware of false prophets!