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“I dream of giving birth to a child

“I dream of giving birth to a child

who will ask, ‘Mother, what was war?‘”

Noble dream, but what if your enemies dream of giving birth to children who will ask, “Mother, how soon can we go to war?”

Spotted by reader Philip in San Diego:

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I don't get the one about reproductive rights. Has anyone in the US ever proposed a law say who can and can not have a child? That's reproductive rights to me.

Abortion? (Which is probably what she means.) Not so much.

I'm guessing that baby will occur due to artificial insemination

Unless it becomes undesirable for some reason and then it will be an unwanted tissue mass to be removed. Too bad so many have been obliterated by those who share this person's philosophy, maybe that question would have been asked already.

I've also long believed that progressives (deep down) would love to figure out a way to sell the idea of post-natal abortion for those who have any countervailing opinions.

She probably figures that the baby will be cloned, based on the "woman without a man" bumper sticker.

You dream of giving birth to a child? That's funny, your other bumper stickers say you want to kill them.

Try to keep in consistent!

"Peace is Matriotic"?

Has the person who made or bought that ever DEALT with actual women, or is she one of those "you're not really a woman if you disagree with me" idiots?

I am a woman, and I know women are vicious and disruptive, ESPECIALLY if there's an all-woman power structure. I'd rather join the polar bear plunge than deal with an all woman power structure, freaking emotional political BS….

Speaking of Ithaca…

My husband and I drove to Ithaca yesterday to see a performance of Romeo and Juliet because my son’s girlfriend’s son played the part of Tybalt. The play was being done by the Running to Places Theater Company:
“Running to Places is a nonprofit theatre company for teens that rehearses and performs all over the Tompkins County area – hence the name. We provide opportunities for collaboration across all of Tompkins County. Our company is made up of more than 200 youth in grades 6-12 that come together to make great theatre.”

It was a modern adaptation with nothing but scaffolding on a bare stage. What blew me away was how these kids, in 4 weeks’ time!, had memorized a ton of dialogue and delivered their lines with all the inflection and meter of professionals who’ve spent years perfecting their craft. It was the best performance of any play I’ve ever seen, and I don’t say that because we knew one of the actors. The play was really that good. I always joke about Ithaca being a socialist mecca –- we walked by several head shops to get to the theater! — but every once in a while something like this amazes me.

Bad potty training.

i must be getting old, 'cause i can't seem to make out the last few words of brilliance: what am i missing?

It's much more likely the child would ask,

"Mommy, why did you abort me?"

Sacrificing virginal human life is not a "reproductive right". It is unnerving when done through collapsing the skull and obliterating the brain matter. It is especially demented to end another human life merely for your convenience.

There are many choices to be made, long before sacrificing your child is ever a consideration.

Are we human or simian derivatives? No, that's not quite right. Not even apes seek to normalize such a deviant behavior.

It's been my experience that the number of bumper stickers on a car is directly proportional to the misery index of the driver.

Another lefty, another Japanese car buyer. Might be fun if the Professor kept track of how many of these bumper sticker exibitionists bother to support, you know, America's "working families."