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How Jack Davis Did It

How Jack Davis Did It

Jack Davis in NY-26 is described as a “Tea Party” candidate.  I have called that a false flag.

Here’s a good explanation of how Jack did it:

After three straight losses as a Democrat, Davis courted the right — though he’s provided no roadmap to explain his shift.

After failing to win the endorsement of either the Republican Party or the Conservative Party in this special election, Davis started a ‘Tea Party’ line.

Tea party activists were miffed; Davis never talked to them or asked for their support. He just got to the Board of Elections before they did. In New York, anyone who files 3,500 signatures to get their name on the ballot can create their own party line. (In New York, candidates can run on a variety of “lines”, allowing for multiple candidates on the ballot in a general election.)

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to get on the ballot, why doesn't someone run under the "Jack Davis is not in the Tea Party" Party?

Problem solved.

If they're going to play that way, why don't tea partiers in blue districts run on a Green or Progressive party line and siphon off liberal Democrats? I would hate for it to come to that, because it would be mucking with the integrity of the system, but we have to fight fire with fire until they stop.

Agree with LukeHandCool. As distasteful as it may seem, fighting fire with fire will eventually bring enough "upsets" for the elites to beg for loopholes to be plugged.

I'm amazed that ballot access is that easy in NY. Here in OH we (the Libertarian Party) fight a non-stop battle to get access under a party name, and true independent candidates face an even tougher slog. I don't want to undercut the "hijack the tea party" theme here (kind of odd as a strategy), but I'm amazed he can get on the ballot so easily.

Why has Davis not been arrested yet?