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He Who Knew Him Best, Didn’t Know Him At All

He Who Knew Him Best, Didn’t Know Him At All

From some guy who knew Obama best, circa March 2008:

Transparency and accountability matter greatly to him; they are a defining feature of his proposals….

Expect transparency to be a central theme in any Obama administration, as a check on government and the private sector alike….

He seeks universal coverage not through unenforceable mandates but through giving people good options….

As president, Obama would set a new tone in US politics. He refuses to demonize his political opponents; deep in his heart, I believe, he doesn’t even think of them as opponents….

Obama wants to know what ideas are likely to work, not whether a Democrat or a Republican is responsible for them….

In short, Obama’s own approach is insistently charitable. He assumes decency and good faith on the part of those who disagree with him….

As president, Barack Obama would be a genuine uniter. If he proves able to achieve great things, for his nation and for the world, it will be above all for that reason.

That guy’s judgment on someone he claimed to know so well was so far off the mark. 

With such a profound lapse in judgment, that guy never should be put in a position of responsibility.

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You can always tell what a leftist truly means by assuming the exact opposite of what he says.

Sunstein is simply true to the form.

Wow. He couldn't be more wrong if he was Mayor Wrongy Wrongenstein from the town of McWrongsville.

The Obama disinformation campaign by his associates was VERY complete. He (and they) knew he could not be elected President if his true motivations had been known by the masses. The great unwashed wouldn't understand and therefore would deny him the historic opportunity to "right the wrongs" of the capitalist nature of the United States, replacing it with a Statist Utopia of his own making.

ANYBODY who believed the Obama commentary and press machine who is surprised that they didn't get what they bargained for should be so ashamed of themselves as to go and hide. The Conservatives warned loudly and often that Obama was NOT the candidate he was presenting himself as given his past jobs (ACORN), his past teaching career (Chicago Law School) and his prior associations (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Cass Sunstein and Craig Becker). We warned that we should be ignored at the nation's peril, and we have been proven to be right. Hopefully the nation will go into the 2012 election cycle with its eyes opened and they will take President Obama's election rhetoric with a small boulder of salt.

Gee, if this guy had been running in 2008 I would have voted for him, too. Must be some other Obama, though, because the One we got is a flaming leftist from way back.

But seriously, folks, this is how the guy got elected. Gee, don't he sound great?

I weep for our country.

Ah, well, hope springs eternal. Palin 2012.