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Emergency Call in NY-26

Emergency Call in NY-26

The May 24 special election in NY-26 (western upstate NY between Rochester and Buffalo) should be a cake walk for Republican Jane Corwin given a heavily favorable Republican registration advantage.

But then came Jack, Jack Davis that is. 

I highlighted this false flag Tea Party candidate in a prior post early in April, False Flag Tea Party Candidate in NY-26?   Davis, a former Democrat who previously ran for the seat as a Democrat and whose campaign manager is a Democratic operative, collected enough signatures to get on the ballot, and then chose to call his ballot line the “Tea Party” line.

Davis is pouring a fortune into the race as a spoiler, and it looks as if he may be having an effect.  Recent polling shows Corwin still in the lead in the three-way race, but not by much.

Sam Foster and Jazz Shaw think the polling may not be as bad as it seems, since Davis pulls as many Democrats as Republicans, and that Corwin may still have a comfortable lead.

Neither national Democrats nor Republicans have put money into the race.  This is understandable for the Democrats since Davis is self-funding and the Dems best hope is for Davis to take enough of the Tea Party vote to hurt the Republican. 

But why are national Republicans sitting this one out?  (They are offering logistical help.)  American Crossroads is considering putting money into the race in favor of Corwin

If the Democrat wins, this will be hailed by the mainstream media as a sign of Obama’s comeback akin to what the Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts elections signalled in late 2009 and early 2010.  It would be a completely false analogy, but that will not stop the media and Team Obama (I know, one and the same) from spinning the race.

Corwin finally has launched ads attacking Davis, but let’s hope it is not too late.

Corwin’s website is here, and you can donate here.  I just did.

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sort of runic rhyme | May 8, 2011 at 6:43 pm

Jack and Jane
went up the lane
to fetch a voter mandate
Jack fell short
when caffeine support
saw Jane drink tea, no coffee au lait.

(Pardon the French which seldom rhymes when it's needed to)

What is it with the Republicans?! Is this not what the RNC is for? Why haven't they been putting out ads for the Republican, and exposing the stealth-Democrat spoiler? The RNC and national Republicans support a RINO in NY-22, as a rule stay out of the small races that matter, and yet wonder why people call them "the party of stupid"?

TEA Party – expose this fraud. Support the conservative. And the Republicans? They need to grow a pair!!

The Rochester 912 group vetted Corwin and Davis a few weeks ago. Davis is a train wreck! He told an attendee trying to ask a question to "Shut up!" In 'The World According to Davis' the only problems in America are the "Multinational Corporations" and "The Big Wall Street Bankers". "The unions aren't a problem" in the fun house mirror that is the Davis platform. Davis now says abortion is an abomination, though no one believes he believes it. The reflection on Davis when he charged Corwin to her face of being a liar (wrongly) wasn't a pretty one.

My regular drive through rural NY-26 last week revealed scads of signs for Hochul, a few for Corwin and none for Davis. I fear Paladino did more damage to the Republican brand than anyone will admit as this area was awash in Paladino signs last fall. (And no, Silly, Paladino hasn't gone away. He's touring NY lecturing to whichever boneheaded groups will invite him to speak.)

What was a solidly Republican district has the chance to flip because Chris Lee couldn't keep it in his pants. And Ann Marie Buerkle's campaign last year was all the proof we need that the national Republicans care nothing for WNY. We won't soon forget their abandonment of us.

You conveniently omit the fact that, Curtis Ellis notwithstanding, Davis has retained the services of two very prominent and outspoken tea party activists from WNY to help with his campaign. No one can assail the libertarian and tea party bona fides of Jim Ostrowski, and Dave DiPietro is about as right-wing as they come.

Frankly, it's not about whether Davis is a phony tea party candidate. It's about how much of a phony Democrat he was in 04, 06, and 08.

There is at least 1 maybe 2 rallies for Corwin
prior to the 26th C.D special election. Details will be forth coming . Go to WSR meetup site to
find out more details as they are known.
I had a discussion with Jack Davis at the Rochester's Tax Day Tea Party and he is not a Tea Party person at all , a Fraud trying to get
unaware to voters to vote for him just cause he is on
a line called the Tea Party Line . Jack I dare you or Curtis Ellis to challenge me on this !