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Dean Friedman

Dean Friedman

If you have been watching the left sidebar, you have seen that I’ve featured Dean Friedman for the past several days.  I have his original album from 1977, now if only I had a turntable that worked.

So I was delighted when Dean reached out to me:

Hi Professor,

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the video-song plug on your blog
this week.

And in light of the dark topic of the day, thought you might be curious
to hear an obscure track of mine, titled, ‘The Wind Blows‘, written for
the three 11 year old students on AA Flight #77, which crashed into the
Pentagon on 9/11. It was their 1st flight.

Thanks for listening.

All the best,


Here is the song to which he was referring:

I also very much enjoyed this interview with the BBC:

Dean’s website, where you can learn more about him, is worth a visit.

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"The Wind Blows" is beautiful. I'm becoming a big fan.

This song makes me think of a 10-year-old girl we were aquainted with who lost her father that day.

Our oldest daughter was 10 at the time and taking piano lessons from the same teacher as this girl. My wife is Japanese, as is the teacher, and as are most of her students living here in L.A. (many with fathers sent here on business by the companies they work for in Japan).

We had met the girl and her father at one of the recitals, months earlier. He was on the first plane to crash into the World Trade Center.

The girl stopped attending piano lessons (the teacher said she and her mother were absolutely devastated) and returned to Japan.

I hope Osama bin Laden suffered before he died.

The audio clip doesn't play. Check your embed.

You can probably pick up a good used turntable on EBay.

I still have more old albums! I've never got around to even looking for a turntable. My how times change and then swing back again.

@Stogie – the embed works for me. Perhaps it's a setting on your computer.

Professor, believe it or not, there are still turntables available, for instance here:

Some years ago I had some LPs I wanted to convert to CDs, so I ordered an earlier version of the first one on the page, an Audio Technica AT-LP50. I've used it a lot for that purpose since then, most recently to copy a recording of Madama Butterfly with Maria Callas from 1955. Price is right, too, at $99.

I played Ariel over and over again when I was a DJ at WOKY in Milwaukee

Professor, you can get a turntable that connects to your computer via USB and free audio recording software (I use "Audacity" regularly) to digitally record the audio from the LP. I'm currently working on cleaning up the pops and clicks from my LP of the soundtrack to one of the strangest hippie Westerns ever – "Zacharaiah."