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Bin Laden Dead

Bin Laden Dead

Multiple news reports state that Obama will announced that Osama bin Laden is dead and the U.S. has the body.

To be updated when the details are announced.

This is a time of joy.

Comments are open.

Updates:  Obama gave his statement (my paraphrase):   U.S. killed bin Laden.  Week ago confirmed actionable intelligence.  Operation was today by U.S. forces on the ground.  After firefight killed bin Laden, and took custody of his body.  Pakistan cooperation “helped lead us to bin Laden.”

Further thoughts:  Not really a lot of detail revealed.  If we had “cooperation” of Pakistan it either was because the intelligence was so precise that Pakistan could not say no or warn him off, or the Pakistanis fed us the intelligence because they no longer needed to protect bin Laden or wanted something in exchange.

There will be plenty of people who will want to play politics with this and, as is happening widely on Twitter, are bragging that George Bush could not get bin Laden.  Tonight is not the time to respond to those who do such things.

This has been a long time coming, and enormous efforts and thousands of lives were lost.  That’s what we should remember.

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He is now a martyr. Expect the wars to escalate. They are here….now. I am not confident in the safety of tomorrow.

On the other hand, it is easier to see the enemy when they are shooting at you.

I'm curious why it took 7 days to make the announcement, and why make it at 10:30pm if he was killed a week ago?

Either way, it's wonderful news.

I will not celebrate the death of another human being. I WILL celebrate that justice has finally been served.

I have no such qualms. I hope he was awake, that it really hurt, and that death came at a crawl.

When he woke up in Hell, how surprised do you think he was to see all those virgins carrying pitchforks?.

How-seriously, HOW do you make a speech about killing Osama bin Laden boring? The man murdered 3,000 Americans on US soil–isn't a little fist-pumping or cowboy swagger in order? Just this once?

Irvingprime, I'll agree. One of the next problems is what to do with his body. If it is returned, he'll be celebrated as a martyr. We need to be above desecrating the body of an enemy. A full, proper Islamic funeral, in America, at a secure, secret location.

No, a "proper Islamic burial" will not help since he would then be rewarded in Paradise with 72 virgins to deflower for dying in Jihad. Do what Gen. Pershing did in the Philipines a century ago and let the Muslims see his body smeared with pig entrails thus making his corpse unclean and denying him Paradise. Then follow up with a statement that all Islamic terrorists will have their bodies made unclean. Watch Islamic terrorism disappear all over the globe.

Teleprompter Blip? Obama Claimed Bin Laden Was Killed 'Today', Not Last Week


I thought parading the carcass down Penn Ave and Times Square before giving it to the dogs at the pound for dinner would have been more appropriate…

(cf 2 Kings 9:30-37)

Being in the NYPD and responding to 9/11 and seeing firsthand the mayhem caused by UBL, today is a joyous occasion.

I told my daughters, never to forget today. A monster has been removed from this earth.

Very nice.

In the meantime, is everybody forgetting history? It's much easier to fund a war with an uncatchable boogeyman.

Great news. The world can FINALLY know that the hunt for Osama bin Laden is over: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I agree with @Cowboy, and have the same sentiments as @rj, although I can't sanction it, being a Christian. I just believe we need to treat others the way we want them to treat us.

But my gut still sees the burned bodies of tortured Americans hung upside down on a bridge…..and the Twin Towers exploding, then crumbling……and the WTC bombing victims bleeding, crying….and I'll never forget reading a first-person account of a 9/11 NYC survivor describing the thuds from bodies hitting the concrete as he was trying to get out of the Twin Towers (he was on the lower level at the time).

Justice is served. Thank G-d for Navy SEALS, for our Joint SOF who carried out the successful mission.

May G-d bless and protect the USA, and all our allies. Ever vigilant.

It's possible the body was banged up, so they had to ask the CIA for a sample of his DNA just to be sure it was him. I'm happy he was defeated, and may all enemies of our great land fall as well.

Not a teleprompter blip, the word is that it's so deliciously ironic that bin Laden would be killed on the 8-year anniversary of Bush's "mission accomplished" thingy. Anyone really think that's a coincidence?

It's so silly and irritating … a number of lefties I'm friends with on Facebook had this picture and caption up in no time. Politicizing the killing of bin Laden for the pathetic partisan purpose of trying to bestow competence on President Obama.

Pretty darn convenient timing, just before the South Carolina debates and after supposedly clearing up the 'birther' issue. And now reports that the body was already buried at sea, w/in 24 hours of death in accordance with Muslim tradition? Did Obama want him to get to see his virgins? Um, ok.

Luke: It is pretty amazing. The DoD has been on autopilot since Obama took over. That's something he really did inherit, simply because he didn't have anyone who could credibly replace Bush's guys.

Really, would it kill these idiots to say, just once, that Bush was right? I'm not holding my breath.

"Pretty darn convenient timing"

If Obama had a master plan of any sort he wouldn't be such a lousy president. The guy has been winging it from day 1.

Maybe Pakistan finally gave up OBL, to force the U.S. out of Afganistan.

Just yesterday in the Terran Times, as well as the WSJ last week, it states Pakistan has new priorities for the future of both Pakistan and Afganistan and they want the U.S. out.

Now OBL is dead.

@Nameless Cynic – linking to a post by Juan Cole which links to a conspiracy theory in the "Persian Afghan press" that Bush wanted bin Laden alive as an excuse for a military building is pretty pathetic.