This is not very surprising, in fact it was predicted days ago.

The Syrian government, with the encouragement of anti-Israel Palestinian groups, Hezbollah and the Iranians, has sent hundreds of supposed “Palestinian refugess” surging across the Israeli border in the Golan in an attempt to provoke a confrontation.  The infiltratrors attempted to capture an Israeli Druse village, and fighting ensued, with initial reports of at least several infiltrators killed and many wounded.  Israel has sealed the border.

Israel Matzav is following and updating, including this video:

The invasion coincides with other violent actions against Israel to commemorate “Nakba” day. This is the day on which Palestinian Arabs commemorate the fact that they chose not abide by the U.N. Resolution creating separate Jewish and Arab states, and instead launched a war to drive the Jews into the sea, which they lost resulting in hundreds of thousands of refugess. Of course, true to form, the Palestinians blame everyone but themselves.

The narrative of the Palestinians as victims endures in academia and at the U.N.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab lands during and in the aftermath the Arabs’ attempt to drive the Jews into the sea. That is the part of the narrative you almost never hear about.

Update:  On this day when Palestinians renew their desire to drive the Jews into the sea, I thought this film about Operation Magic Carpet, the rescue of the Yemeni Jewish community in 1949-1950, would be of interest.  The rescue followed the Aden Pogrom, and other acts of violence by Muslims against Yemeni Jews.

The sound quality is not good, but it is amazing original footage:

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