I don’t have a good feeling as votes trickle in today.  I’ll keep updating throughout the day on the vote count as maintained by Today’s TMJ4 Election site (which seems to be most up to date).  AP provides county breakdowns, but seems to lag.

10:02 CT – Kloppenburg up 447 votes.
10:12 CT – Kloppenburg up 311 votes

Want to get depressed? Check out this report on 2004 voter fraud in Milwaukee.

10:32 CT via AP – 4 precincts left, Kloppenburg up 263 (TMJ4 showing 309)
10:37 CT – Kloppenburg up 240
10:45 CT – Kloppenburg up 224 (just 3 precincts left, 2 Milwaukee and 1 in Jefferson)

Per news3jessica – Milwaukee says all precincts in, don’t know why AP saying 2 out – it all may come down to Town of Lake Mills in Jefferson County where 700+ votes not yet counted.

11:35 CT – AP updates, now only 1 precinct out in Jefferson, 224 vote gap.
11:52 CT – Kloppenburg up 230
11:59 CT – Kloppenburg up 235

Reports that Lake Mills pretty much even, so not going to close the gap much, if at all.

1:08 CT – Kloppenburg up 336 (did she pick up votes in Lake Mills?)
1:36 CT – Kloppenburg up 206

FINAL COUNT:  204 vote difference

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