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Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Updates

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Updates

I don’t have a good feeling as votes trickle in today.  I’ll keep updating throughout the day on the vote count as maintained by Today’s TMJ4 Election site (which seems to be most up to date).  AP provides county breakdowns, but seems to lag.

10:02 CT – Kloppenburg up 447 votes.
10:12 CT – Kloppenburg up 311 votes

Want to get depressed? Check out this report on 2004 voter fraud in Milwaukee.

10:32 CT via AP – 4 precincts left, Kloppenburg up 263 (TMJ4 showing 309)
10:37 CT – Kloppenburg up 240
10:45 CT – Kloppenburg up 224 (just 3 precincts left, 2 Milwaukee and 1 in Jefferson)

Per news3jessica – Milwaukee says all precincts in, don’t know why AP saying 2 out – it all may come down to Town of Lake Mills in Jefferson County where 700+ votes not yet counted.

11:35 CT – AP updates, now only 1 precinct out in Jefferson, 224 vote gap.
11:52 CT – Kloppenburg up 230
11:59 CT – Kloppenburg up 235

Reports that Lake Mills pretty much even, so not going to close the gap much, if at all.

1:08 CT – Kloppenburg up 336 (did she pick up votes in Lake Mills?)
1:36 CT – Kloppenburg up 206

FINAL COUNT:  204 vote difference

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The 2 precincts yet to report in from Milwaukee County really worry me. That's the most populous county, and one of the more Democratic. These late reports are going to break for Kloppenburg, sadly.

One big issue I've sort of lost sight of: Let's say the unions/lib coalition succeed in nullifying the budget repair bill. Where does that leave Wisconsin? Aren't they constitutionally required to have a balanced budget? If so, won't Walker just have to lay off a bunch of state workers and shut down various government operations?

Ultimately, "proxy war" or not, this is Wisconsin's fight. The people there — at least the ones who choose to stay — need to figure out how much government they can afford. I just don't get what the voters who are opposed to Walker's reforms ultimately want to see happen to their state.

Odd, Prosser was up by over 800 votes and now the AP is reporting Kloppenburg leading with 447 although no new precincts have reported.

Precincts left to report:

Jefferson – 1
Juneau – 1
Milwaukee – 2
Taylor – 1

Perhaps Al Franken is there checking the trunk of his car.

It is almost noon there, anyone want to take a guess why there are precincts still not reportings? Are they looking for pregnant chads?

The precints of trash cans, car trunks and cemeteries are checking in…

+1 retire05, I don't understand the over 1000 vote swing…

I'm hearing that the Milwaukee precincts are R leaning ones. So, maybe…

If you are not familiar with the King Street Patriots of Houston, you should get to know them. They started out just sharing a beer in the back of a pub, talking about the voter fraud that everyone knew took place in Harris County, Texas. So they decided to try to clean up the voter rolls. And boy, howdy, did they. They found voter registration cards that people admitted they were not U.S. citizens who had been sent voter registration cards (allowing them to vote); over 20 people registered to vote at one single family dwelling, dead people, people who moved 10 years ago, etc.

So they started a group called True The Vote, for which the Harris County Democratic Party, and Project Vote, an arm of ACORN, immediately sued the KSPs.

The reason that I tell you all this is that I spoke with one of the main leaders of True The Vote last night. She told me that they have had many requests from concerned citizens (of both parties) in Wisconsin that want to be trained on how to eliminate voter fraud. True The Vote teaches you how to train poll watchers, election judges, etc.

This movement needs to travel all across the nation before the 2012 election. The Dems are now attacking the TEA Party and there is a reason for that; they are scared that the momentum seen in November, 2010 will continue until November, 2012.

The really sad part about this is that the Democrats have perfected the art of vote theft. Vote mining has been a real problem, especially in minority areas. You see, the left may claim to care about minorities, but they don't care about stealing the votes of minorities if it puts another Democrat in office. (I can give examples in Texas, if anyone is interested).

There will be a recount in Wisconsin. The election is just too close. And Prosser, who will probably loose by just a few hundred votes, considering Wisconsin's already established record of vote fraud, should demand it.

Seriously though, I'm getting really tired of how every time in a close race, the last minute votes miraculously always go to a democrat. I'd definitely demand a recount.

If its under a few thousand votes Poser is going to lose, the Dem machine has voter fraud down to a tee and its something they have replicated throughout the country. Here in NYC you can vote as many times as you can stand in line, and i heard the same think in other democratic bastions such as philly. If Walker was serious about cutting down on the voter fraud taking place, he should have called out the National Guard to protect the ballots. I can think of few things more important for a democratic government to use every means available to provide for legitimacy of the election.

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this–who will count the votes, and how. “ – Joseph Stalin

No matter what, looks like we are heading into a recount, before this is settled. (I'm from WI, by the way).

Few personal thoughts of mine:

1) I'm glad we didn't wake up this morning to a decisive victory for Kloppenberg. The dancing in the streets & public employes taking off of work to celebrate would have been insufferable. So, I'm glad that they are having to "sweat" this one out for awhile.

2) It will be fascinating to see what a recount reveals. Are the conservatives overly concerned about voter ID and election fraud? One side (the conservatives) says it is real, the other side (liberals) scoff at that notion, and dismiss it as racism or attempts at voter disenfranchisement. So, here is an opportunity to prove one side correct and the other side incorrect. I look forward to seeing what is revealed in WI when they look up the electoral skirt.

3) This election was turned into a partisan race. It is my understanding that Prosser did not receive Republican support at the level of support (if any) given to Kloppenberg by the Democrats. This race was based on a "hot-button" issue, and the left put a lot into it & the result is a very tight win by either side. Wonder what this means for Obama 2012, with WI being a swing state?

4) Support for Kloppenberg was very vocal & visible. You would have thought Prosser was going to get spanked big time, if you listened to all the chat. I think Wisconites like myself are keeping our feelings & opinions to ourselves, and acting them out in the voting booth.

alan markus, the good news is that the unions dumped MILLIONS into this race. That is that much less they are going to have to spend on supporting Obama 2012 unless they raise union dues or drive the unions into deep debt. I want to see the unions continue to waste their money on local/state elections.

You in Wisconsin need to simply enact a Right-to-work law. I see no legal basis for forcing the practice of "closed shop" systems in any state. If you have a right to belong to a union, you should also have the right to NOT belong to a union.

I also find it disgusting that Kloppenburg was very clear about how she felt about the law the unions are objecting to. She should be forced to recuse herself, if she is truely elected, in any case that comes up due to her comments.

Town of Lake Mills will have to go 2 to 1 for Prosser just to tie it up. While the name of the town is comforting in a quant conservative kind a way, that is too little to pin hopes on, lol.

There should be a study of recounts to see what the overall trend is each time they are done throughout history. The "extra" votes should also be compared to votes in the same precincts or absentee ballots to see if there is any overall shift in the vote concentration to one party or another during the average recount….. Maybe I should see what I can find right now.

Oh, Prosser lost? Kloppenburg won? I guess 4th or 5th time is the charm, right? It just takes that many losses to get voters MOTIVATED to vote for you! Well, the spread is only a couple of hundred votes, I'm sure it will be easy to find that trunk full of votes with K's name on them for a tight win. In fact, people are probably voting (creating fraudulent votes) right now as we speak. An election like this make me really wonder about 2012.

Here's an interesting thought, now that i have read the Milwaukee Journal's description of the count and recount procedures: how many public employees involved in these processes belong to AFSCME or another public employee union?

While you are ruminating about that, the good news is that a couple of hundred votes on the iniial AP-reported count could be flipped to Prosser or widened for Kloppenberg solely based on AP reviewing its count. They almost always have mistakes in their initial reports (which AP comes by through a process of the raw precinct info passing through several hands). It seldom matters but the AP reported count could easily be off by hundreds, even thousands.

As for the recount process, when we are talking about switching one one hundreth of one percent of the votes cast, it is a certainty that the final result, short of court challenges will be quite a bit different.

And does anyone know the Wisconsin system for absentee and military ballots? If any of these have not been included in the count, which would be true in most states, then there are votes left to count.

Even if Prosser loses (hope not), Walker can resubmit the bill for vote (with the 2 hour notice of course). There is still a majority of Republicans, and they can still pass this bill again. All is not lost.

I feel bad for Prosser for being caught up in this mess. If so many people in Wisconsin are willing to throw away a rational voice on the State Supreme Court for the single purpose of supporting the Union thief that robs them, well they'll get what they deserve.

Prosser is in a really tough spot here. A close election like this, you would pretty much have to file a recount.

But a recount would throw the impartiality and fairness of the Wisconsin court system into doubt, considering any judge in Wisconsin would have a personal interest in the case.

For the sake of the Wisconsin courts, Prosser might have to swallow the narrow loss.

@Wallis – yeah right. Concern troll.

"Seriously though, I'm getting really tired of how every time in a close race, the last minute votes miraculously always go to a democrat. I'd definitely demand a recount."

Seriously though, are you 10 years old. Go to the library and read about the the 2000 election.

Hey Professor, never call something the "final count" when (a) it is not final; and (b) you want to change it by recounting and then, if need by, challenging illegally cast ballots. It inexorably tilts the playing field against you if you in any way concede that the other side may have won.

It's a preliminary count or even the election night count but never the final count.

Addendum to the above — it actually is an "unofficial" count anyway (polling place workers phone in results and AP aggregates them; in NY, this js done through police precincts). The official canvass by county election officials has nit even begun. When it is finished, then one can request a "recount." Cheer up — the final outcome is a 50/50 thing.

Seems Wisconsin has an abysmal same-day registration system whereby you can show up and vote without any ID (!) other than a duly registered voter vouching that you area resident. According to John Fund at the WSJ, an investigation of the 2004 election concluded that 1305 people had voted with same day registration fraudulently in Milwaukee alone, at least some of whom were out-of-state Kerry campaign workers vouched for by their fellow workers. You KNOW that in this case, the temptation to do that with out- of-state comrades must have been irresistable!

This provides some background on the vote fraud situation in this country…

Someone else pointed out to me that in Dane County, home of Madison and the University of Wisconsin, there were 97,988+42,094=140,082 votes cast for the County Executive. For Supreme Court Justice there were 133,513+48,627=182,240 votes cast. More than 42,000 votes were cast for Supreme Court Justice than for County executive. Were there really 42,000 who voted for one, and not the other?

I have erred. In my previous post I used numbers from newspapers. Using numbers from the Dane County web site, the vote totals are 171,718 cast for County Executive, with 182,382 cast for Supreme Court Justice. Still, a difference of over 11,000. The losing County Executive candidate had endorsed Walker's budget bill. Hard to believe so many would vote in one and not the other.