Thank you, New York Times, for putting up your paywall. 

Although there are ways around it, as my readers have suggested, I’m actually glad you made it more difficult to access your content.

So much of my material over the past two and one-half years came from reacting to the bias of your news reports and the flame-throwing of your columnists, particularly Paul Krugman and Frank Rich.

It was easy and lazy pickings for me.

I still will click over occasionally when I see one of your articles linked elsewhere, and I am not swearing off ever responding to things you deem fit to print.

But the chain of addiction has been broken. 

I’ve learned in just the past several days that I can live without your material as blog fodder.

There is life after the NY Times.  Even for a blogger.

Update:  I need a little cooperation here, folks.  I can’t do this alone.  Would you please stop tempting me:

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