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What am I doing

What am I doing


in the north when I could be in Sandy Springs, GA?

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Great vid. I read about a municipality in CA that entered into an outsourcing arrangement with a neighboring community to provide all of its government services. By all accounts, the level of services improved, and the costs actually declined. Win-win, right?

Wrong. While the community recognized huge savings, the local leftists were upset because the community that contracted to provide the services made a profit.

That's right. The leftists would rather pay more for an inefficient government that provided worse service than pay less for an efficient government if the efficiency meant someone would make a profit off the backs of the taxpayers.


Wow, Kathleen. If I may use that overworked term – revolutionary. Everyone has dabbled in outsourcing but that is the first time I have seen almost 100% outsourcing. That presentation, of course, was the upside. I also always want to know the downside. But the possibilities and the outcome is very encouraging.

I would like to know how they handle public education. Does anyone know?

@ John G – Interesting question. I think there are 2 possibilities – vouchers for everyone, and people find the private school they like, or the same arrangement with teachers as they have with police and fire – defined contribution plans, not defined benefit plans for retirement savings.

professor …there is a bit more going on with Sandy Springs I think it is one of the communities that the city of Alanta is trying to bring forcibly under its jurisdiction or maybe its the county and I think its also Sandy Springs and several other communities which are trying to form their own county so as to have a larger say in local politics rather than being drowned out by Alanta

At the risk of sounding like myself, privatize!!

Good for the taxpayers and new business for private firms. To paraphrase Charlie Sheen, a wining!/winning! situation.