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We Are Better Than That

We Are Better Than That

I was out most of the night, so I only could follow the developments in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race sporadically.  Apparently David Prosser picked up over 7000 votes, and now has a commanding lead, although it is too early to declare victory because there always could be a surprise.

But this is not a time to gloat.  If Prosser wins, it is not a win for Prosser or for a particular political party.  What is important is that every vote counts and every vote was counted.  This is a victory for the democratic process.

So tonight is a time to reflect on what makes this country great, and not to take joy at the disappointment of others.  We are better than that.

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Couldn't find Kool and the Gang's "Celebration," huh?

Agree completely. But, this is also a time to be vigilant regarding the potential for any manner of election fraud. It is also a time to be vigilant in efforts to ensure that our election processes minimize the potential for fraud, particularly with electronic voting. This will be crucial in the 2012 federal elections. Ultimately, if electronic voting is the norm, we need a system that provides each voter with a printed receipt showing all votes cast.

@Fuzzy – saving it for 2012.

Of course, you're absolutely right.

Just a beautiful thing:)!

I'm struggling with the "not gloating" part. After all we've been through here in Wisconsin, I think I've earned a gloat or two.

(Just little ones…really. No, sorry…DANCE OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"We're better than that."

I'm sure as hell not.

Go team!

actually I'm not better than that … in fact when people who consider conservatives like me evil simply for being a conservative I take great pleasure in watching them lose …

I posted this on a AZ Republic story …it fired the liberals up

In the early morning hours of Wednesday April 6'th in the year of our Lord 2011 a coal black 1963 Caddy coupe Deville crossed into the state of WI. Behind the wheel a maniacal grin twisting his face Senator Al Franken, cigar smoke wreathed about his head, the flash of oncoming headlights lighting the interior of the vintage Caddy. A interior musty with the smell of neglect and other late night runs. Music blaring … He had his orders, little dicky trumpka had called and he owed little dicky

Just one little gloat? Its wafer thin!

Took a foray into TPM the libs are screaming fraud and conspiracy. Big change from yesterday.

1. So tonight is a time to reflect on what makes this country great, and not to take joy at the disappointment of others. We are better than that.

Jeez, Bill, you sound just like The Nun did.

grumble Okay, you're right.

But I still refuse to become a Jesuit.

2. If this post isn't evidence that you have a judicial temperament, I don't know what is.

The "there's no such thing as voter fraud" crowd has already published the clerk's phone number on Twitter.
I took the Al Franken debacle in stride, so I expected the same of my opponents. I was wrong. So while I may gloat a bit tonight, I know my moral compass is firmly intact.
I do admire your integrity Professor. I'm just not feeling all integritying and such tonight.

"Le Freak" is one of favorite all-time tunes. The late Bernard Edwards' bass solo is legendary.

As I post this, I am listening to Kathy Nickolaus' press conference on WTMJ's website, and I gotta tell ya, she's a stand-up gal. I have been in her shoes dealing with spreadsheets that have columns and/or rows that accidentally vanished, leading to a screw-up of numbers that have real consequences for other people. I have gone to my boss' office and fallen on my sword, so to speak, letting the chips fall where they may. I know that after the presser was over, she probably had to bury her face in a loved one's shoulder, and won't want to check her email or voice mail any time soon.

BwaaaHaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa. You're right professor, we're better than that…

BwaaaHaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa , oops, did it again.

Hmmm. Does anyone actually think Dane Co feels like they were sandbagged and showed their totals too soon? You know, like before they knew the number of votes really, really, really needed.

If Waukesa is that smart remind me to NEVER play poker with 'em.

I completely agree Smithee. Kathy Nickolaus is a real stand-up gal and handled a most difficult issue with outstanding grace.

My hat's off to her.

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between JoAnne Kloppenburg and Balok from the original Star Trek?

I agree with you, but can't resist a mental image of Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow's heads 'sploding at the news.

@J: I don't think she relishes "tranya" (it was tranya, right?)

Anyway, Kloppenburg hasn't been the same since that house fell on her sister.

Deek ….yea but here we dropped a whole city on them

What's interesting here is that the unions poured a fortune into money and turnout for this election, ramped up the violence and threats, then brought in Liberal heavyweights like Moore and Jackson and De La Rocha, etc. Then there was tremendous voter turnout and still they lost.

nucsnipe April 7, 2011 11:08 PM . . . Heh! Perfect! Absolutely, the perfect image.

In fact, I believe I may have heard the explosion, though, at the speed of sound, it took a while to get here to NJ.

I'd like to think I'm better than that, but I'm not quite sure I am.