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‘unlike’ Obama

‘unlike’ Obama


According to the SF Chronicle:

Despite the promise that President Obama’s first Facebook town hall would open a new level of two-way communication with his constituents, social-networking technology didn’t add much to the conversation.

Obama answered just eight questions during Wednesday’s hour-long session at Facebook’s secondary headquarters building in Palo Alto, an event that was streamed on the Facebook Live video page.

But some of those questions came from Facebook employees who won a company lottery for the chance to sit in the live audience. That left hundreds of questions posted on the event’s Facebook wall unanswered.

The less Obama engages with the youth, the better off he will be. Employing young people on his campaign? Sure, but leave the transparency to the folks who can handle tough questions.

I suppose that, with his erosion of favor among the independents who led him to victory, Obama is getting desperate for the famously lackluster youth vote. Let’s hope he scrapes up more schemes like this.

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Mickey Kaus says, "I suppose there is no way President Obama can lose California in 2012. But he’s giving it a shot tomorrow–attending two fundraisers that, with the usual level of presidential security, promise to immobilize the West Side of Los Angeles during evening rush hour."

It was awful last time. It took some people hours to drive a block or two. The L.A. Times quoted several people who had voted for him who were so furious they vowed never to vote for him again. He always does it during rush hour. Looks like he's gonna do it again. "I told the White House they might have raised $1 million, but they lost one million votes."

sort of runic rhyme | April 21, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Barack's Facebook background info:

Place of birth- was too young to remember. Next question.

Religion- stateside, it's been "christianity" for the press and church allah black liberation for my people

Orientation- prefer basketball and duffing to you know what and who

Relationship status- mostly disengaged but still President over bitter Zion-Christianist gun and god clingers.

Yes, there's nothing quite so appealing to people, especially young people, as that air of desperation he emits while stammering pleas for their support because . . . you know, I'm uh um going to need it so much. Erm…please. Get fired up. The other side is evil. They are your enemies. Please like me again. Remember how it was in '08? Erm. Please.

Yeah, that'll win them over.

Frankly, I would never take the bait to participate in a Democrat-controlled government forum because I'm inclined to think they use the forum to collect identifying information from participants, which they can then put into a database. They might simply use that database for propaganda purposes, or they might use it to track their opposition for bad purposes. I absolutely do not trust Obama and his minions. If you're a conservative participating in such a forum, you're giving hostage to fortune.

Well his Identity/Reputation Marketing team need to stop frosting his hair if he wants to appeal to "the young". They went back and forth with it a few months ago and must have decided the gray sits best with the focus groups for the fund-raising/big influencers portion of the campaign. It's a brave new age we live in.

At least Obama got off 8 answers in the allotted hour. He could have gotten more, but somebody must have cut him off in mid-ramble, resulting in a severe tongue lashing from The One…