Maddow referred to “nullification” as something only “racist neo-Confederates” would support. Tom Woods makes an apt criticism of this insipid characterization over at Lew Rockwell:

Whatever happened to “small is beautiful,” Rachel? Remember that progressive slogan (along with “question authority,” yet another such slogan to bite the dust)? Some 309 million people being infallibly ruled by one city is just the right size? This is the most humane way for human beings to live and interact with each other?

Did the centralized states of the 20th centuries have a particularly good record vis-a-vis their minorities? The total wars that the structure of the modern state made possible led to the unspeakable brutalization of minority populations; we might cite the Turkish treatment of the Armenians, the horrific Russian treatment of minority Polish, German, Jewish, Latvian, and Lithuanian populations in 1915, and countless similar examples. Minorities elsewhere have suffered from discrimination, as with the Chinese minority in Malaysia and other places, or outright expulsion, as with the Asians in Uganda. Most obvious and gruesome is the fate of the Jews in centralized Germany. It was not by coincidence that Hitler opposed states’ rights.

Oh, but it would be fine if only super smart technocrats were running a large government, right? That’s where other players in history went wrong….

The epistemic arrogance and cognitive dissonance of leftist journalists never ceases to amaze me.

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