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They Are Going To “Joe The Plumber” Her

They Are Going To “Joe The Plumber” Her

Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk who mistakenly forgot to include the City of Brookfield numbers in the initial county reporting already is under pretty intense attack, including claims she is lying because the reporting error was not technically possible, and that she cannot be trusted “because of what we know about her.”

One supposed former co-worker has come out of the woodwork to trash her “past work, ethics, work habits, and political viewpoint.”  The co-worker referred to her as “secretive,” “exceptionally partisan in what was supposed to be a non-partisan agency,” and “the kind of person it didn’t matter what you said to her … and she would say yeah, we have to stop abortion.” The co-worker sais he was “extremely skeptical of Kathy’s integrity” and that she was “not above fudging the numbers or hitting the wrong button to advance Prosser.”

It is going to get worse. 

Considering how police union members, a county Sheriff, and even an Assistant Attorney General have let their political views influence their behavior, do not be surprised if government documents start leaking out regarding Nickolaus.

They are going to “Joe The Plumber” her.

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It won't matter. Just a tantrum. The numbers are the numbers. This is not a case of ballots you might challenge, just an election night miscount. If the truly final official canvass has Prosser up 7000, there will be nothing to recount or challenge. He wins. As for the clerk, she is the county clerk in a heavily GOP county. She's embarrased but she'll survive.

A game within a game, perhaps?

By that, I mean that I wonder if Ms. Nickolaus did this on purpose. Not as fraud, she didn't do fraud, but … well, was this a deliberate delay on her part in reporting the numbers from a heavily Republican area? Did she do this in order to prevent the real fraudsters from knowing how many extra ballots to stuff into the other boxes? Because, as a result of her actions, it's too late for the stuffers to do their job now.

She had unusual habits of secrecy for which she cited security concerns as her motivation. That'd all be true, actually, if the reporting delay was her way of combating ballot-box stuffing, wouldn't it?

Lastly, deliberate or not, it is an interesting technique by which to combat real fraud. Is that what the Dems are truly attacking here? Are they attempting to demonize her as a warning/disincentive to anyone else who might try it?

Am I the only one wondering if these sour grapes relate to the left shooting their wad on "fixing" the final count, only to find out that the deficit they had to fix was the wrong damn number? Maybe the GOP should actually try to hold back a solid block of votes from now on, so the fixers don't know the number they have to overcome.

I see Pat Bay's post went up while I typed mine, is it great minds thinking alike or just a common lament regarding election integrity.

the Waukesha County Clerk who mistakenly forgot to include the City of Brookfield numbers

Let's give that a bit of a less generous copy edit: "the Waukesha County Clerk who forgot the City of Brookfield."

@Pat and @mark: I was thinking the same thing yesterday, but in her presser she is quite sincere in her admission of an error, and clear about how it was detected. I am pretty sure, unless she is a consummate actress, that she is not lying. She admits she didn't check the preliminary numbers, and reported it to the commission upon discovery. All that is SOP. The process is SUPPOSED to work that way, libtards!

I also agree with you @Pat and @mark as to the tactic being a brilliant way (even if unintentionally) to keep leftists from pulling out the bags from car trunks, garages, etc. when they "know" what the numbers are. If it's a close race, they can play the games like in MN, CO, and WA (etc.).

If everyone reports all return numbers early, then the Dem libs can play the system like a Stradivarius. It's old hat to these crooks; been there, done that. But – I still believe it was an honest error on this poor woman's part.

Also from her presser, it is clear that the CITY made a spreadsheet error, against guidelines about using the spreadsheet. Even if corrected, it could have had file integrity issues.

Knowing MS Office, I believe a spreadsheet import attempt would not import correctly, yet give a "import successful" status message. Microsoft is notorious for being buggy and glitchy; these types of errors happen – but not with such a visible profile!

The county will no doubt re-create the problem, or attempt to, to determine what happened and how this error occurred. Human error was involved, but software is often quirky; also, when she gave her preliminary counts to the AP, she gave "preliminary results" – NO ONE should be ready to burn this poor woman at the stake for errors like these. As she said, numerous times, such things happen ALL THE TIME and that is why canvassing and checks are BUILT IN TO THE PROCESS.

Validation of data. It's called reality and integrity, liberals. It's a grown-up thing, to ensure CORRECT, ACCURATE DATA.

Now, Professor, my question is: will they go after the vice-president of the county's Democrat Party, the little older lady who stated unequivocally that the numbers are accurate, that they have verified everything?

Not a chance, I say. They had the correct prelim numbers at lib sites (I believe Daily Beast had them?), it was omitted in the AP data due to an admitted error.

Oh, but the left MUST have their target, they MUST feed, they MUST destroy. It is what they do. The little party VP lady…..she's not even on their RADAR.

On one hand, we have to find an effective way to combat the Fascist intimidation so that it isn't effective, and that it isn't rewarded.

For far too long Californians let the radical fascists that state get away with this kind of intimidation and now California is past the point of being salvageable. It will take a generation or longer to undo the damage there.

On the other hand, the Soviet style thuggery does seem to *eventually* be catching up to the Left – at least in Wisconsin. It seems as though enough Wisconsiner seem to still have enough of a sense of common decency and fair play that it is hurting them when it counts.

One only wishes that this dangerous, radical, and anti-democratic, union-and-Dem fostered thuggery would be consistently punished so that it (and the need to vigilantly oppose it) would eventually end.

The City's numbers were posted on AOL two days ago, but AP screwed up as did one higher election official who forgot to include the numbers in the count released. There is no story here. Unlike the "non stories" where the numbers of voters in democrat election districts reach 110 percent of registered voters, but in those cases the media and dailykos, etc. become strangely silent, or offer ridiculous explanations for such overages.

I'm as happy as anyone about Prosser's win here, but this gal is a bit of a screw up. She really should lose her job, IMHO. That's not to say the slurs being thrown at her are justified, but she opted out of the updated voting systems because she felt she could manage things better by herself on her work pc. Woops.

Showbiz is right.
Plus here's that sweet Mrs. Kitzinger to back her up.

AP screwed up as did one higher election official who forgot to include the numbers in the count released. There is no story here

Uh, no. Nickolaus changed the traditional precinct-by-precinct reporting process to a running subtotal. If she hadn't changed that the librul media would have saved her extreme embarrassment. The only mistake the AP made was assuming she was competent.

"The City's numbers were posted on AOL two days ago, but AP screwed up "

See here. Article from the Brookfield Patch on April 6th posted at 12:24 am election night.

Let's say everything the Left is saying about her is true. Whether it is or not, is beside the point.

The fact remains the entire city of Brookfield wasn't reported in the initial results. And now that those votes are reported, it appears Prosser is going to win. That's all it is.

She could be Karl Rove's mistress, while getting drunk with the Bush twins.


Does the Left want the city of Brookfield counted, or not? That's the question that should be asked of them.

She really should lose her job, IMHO. That's not to say the slurs being thrown at her are justified, but she opted out of the updated voting systems because she felt she could manage things better by herself on her work pc.

Wrong. The system she used that night was straight from the Wisconsin Elections Board (GAB) and was brand-new last September.

Further, WAB/Elections Board REQUIRES that the PC she uses for keeping historical data be stand-alone, not connected to ANY network internal or external, for security purposes.

The problem is that that particular PC has very old OS–and yes, prolly should be replaced/updated.

Here was the progressive radio introduction of the "co-worker" of her's in a prior place of employment — an IT job with the Legislature, not at the Clerks Office.

"Well, today we do have a special geest . . . uh . . . were just calling him Lee.

"He is a former co-worker of the Waukeshau Clerks named Kathy Nickolaus who's gotten a bit of extra scrutiny just recently [unintelligible] was a patch of scrutiny for some time, but uh, she came back into the limelight for discovering 14,000 or so votes, umm, and putting Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in a lead of about 7,500 or so votes suddenly.

"Umm, there was a press conference and then of course a flurry of of of further questions, accusations, et cetera, which is I think justified, and warranted, given the the closeness of the race, given uh, they're many questions about her her past, just in that county, and even the county board of Waukeshau which is known as to be a very conservative, ruby red county that would be in the line with her politics, they've had a lot of questions and forced her to do an audit of her procedures.

"She, uhh . . you probably, you are probably aware . . . [end of "personal" intro of Kathy.]"

During the intro of "Lee" he specifically said he worked at that prior IT job (where he knew her, though she kept to herself) from 1993 through 1997.

So, his personal impression of her was formed sometime between 14 and 17 years ago!

They are really digging aren't they?

Welcome to Obama's post-partisan America, where if you're a conservative, you can't count on getting a fair shake, even from law enforcement and the courts. What happened to America and can we fix it? Very worrying.

I feel sorry for Ms. Nickolaus and I think she made an honest mistake. Nevertheless, this seems like a mistake that shouldn't have happened so maybe it's time for someone more capable to consider primarying her.

Might be redundant in my comments, but. They can JTP Nicholas all they want. And if the more they dig, the more she/we need to reveal what they are doing. It is exactly that behavior which keeps getting the left in to trouble with the public.

Without the accountability and testimony of Dem vice chair of Waukesha Ramona Kitzinger, they might have the ability to manufacture the conspiracy theory. But now, no. It only makes them look more ridiculous and unreasonable.

let's see.. the unofficial, preliminary results weren't delivered with complete accuracy and that's indicative of voter fraud?

There's a reason why preliminary results aren't certified as the official count and should never be used to claim victory.

My concern is for the Democrat who vouched for the process at the press conference: Check under your car each time before you start the ignition. For a Democrat to say she won't stand there and lie, makes her an enemy of the party and the union toughs who support it.

From the Office of the City Clerk of Brookfield Wisconsin.

Someone has now posted the clerks phone number on twitter suggesting people give her a call. Thugs…

@Dennis: I personally don't think Ms. Kitzinger has anything to worry about. She just won't be in that position for long.

However, that she said, "…I'm a Democrat….I wouldn't lie…" I found quite disturbing. Why would anyone feel compelled to state that ONLY a Democrat would tell the truth, that anyone else is untrustworthy (which we know is the exact opposite, in reality)?

Dire, disturbing times, indeed.

It has to be noted that a major Democrat who participated in the vote count and the subsequent discovery of the 7,500 omitted votes validated that it was an honest error and approved the final vote tally. She is acknowledged by many from both parties as a lifelong union member, a Democrat and as honest as they come!

Every now and then an honest Democrat appears! Kudos Ramona Kitzinger! Your party could learn a thing or two from you!

Shouldn’t be too long now before the scum on the left starts demonizing another one of their own now, should it? After all, in the union owned Democratic Party, having someone actually tell the truth or show some moral backbone is tantamount to treason, isn’t it?