The Hill gave a shot at clarifying the facts behind the partisan rhetoric surrounding the rise in gas prices. I take issue, though, with the heavy reliance the author puts on the Energy Information Agency for his “nonpartisan” numbers. His numbers don’t include oil shale deposits and the areas banned for exploration by the administration when he speaks of “proven oil reserves” either.

The Office of the President is always, whether fairly or not, blamed for the rise in gas prices. However, as late as February 2011, “[the] Obama Administration acted in contempt by continuing its deepwater-drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down.” It seems to me that President Obama’s “ideology” would love nothing more than to resolve this nonsense by making it an attack on oil companies with a bottom line of reshaping his image towards “green tech.”

Get your commodities information from Whiskey and Gunpowder if you don’t want to be duped by glossy numbers that feed into our President’s narrative. Whenever I need an authoritative, clear estimation of a marketprice or investment, I’m biased towards the information people who have a stake in the race read, not the persuasive storyline put forth by politicos.

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