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The Making of a Video

The Making of a Video

About 30 people in Providence, RI protested outside a Bank of America branch as part of’s Tax Day: Make Them Pay national protest.

The video below shows two of the protesters accompanied by someone taking video entering the bank to present a “tax bill” to BofA. 

I haven’t been able to find the video taken by the woman accompanying the protesters, but I’m sure it must make this look like a dramatic encounter.  (If you can find it, send me the link.)  In reality it was laughable and pathetic. 

Note that towards the end (2:15), when the protesters were asked to leave, the woman can be heard telling the bank guard not to touch her, or it would be a “battery.”  She knows her rights!

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Isn't BofA one of those 'too big to fail' entities these same Leftists said we needed to pony up bailout money for? Now we know it was a stipend to prop up a prop for Round 2 of Big Brother's shakedown plan.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Funniest movie trailer I've seen in ages.

What I'd like to know is why corps have to pay income tax at all?

They pay tax on how many employees they have. They (may) pay a franchise tax just for existing, they (may depending on business) pay a sales tax. They pay a property tax ( effectively turning a corp into a serf) on all assets whether or not they are sold during the tax period. Then the money that is left over after expenses and corp tax is then taxed again on each individual.

Income tax should be either by the individual ONLY or by the Corp(or equiv entity) that employs them , not both… The treasury is double-dipping.