There is a hearing today before Judge Maryann Sumi in Wisconsin.  The hearing was supposed to be a continuation of the testimony as to whether the budget bill had been published.

As detailed by JSOnline, at the end of the hearing Tuesday, Judge Sumi on the record declined to rule on the issue  of publication, stating as follows:

“That is yet to be determined,” she said Tuesday. “I hesitate to do that at this point because testimony is not closed and argument is not closed.”

And in fact, Judge Sumi struck from the form of Order on Tuesday a paragraph declaring that the budget bill had not become law.

Nonetheless, as JSOnline notes, yesterday Judge Sumi issued an order finding the bill had not become law despite hearing no more of the testimony and argument she said was needed.

No testimony has been taken since Sumi said that, and Sumi’s order gave no explanation of why she had decided to rule now.

The Order Judge Sumi entered yesterday did not in any way explain either this contradiction or the legal and factual reasoning behind the ruling as to publication.

Not good.

The hearings continue this morning.

Updates:  I will not be able to follow the hearings this morning, but I recomment the twitter feed of Jessica Arp, a local news reporter who is in the courtroom.

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