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The Flash Mob Thing Has Run Its Course

The Flash Mob Thing Has Run Its Course

It should be over, like disco.

(video h/t HotAir)

Update:  Thanks to reader DinoRightMarie for the link to this Wall Street Journal article which points out the fallacy of the 9-to-5 movement, There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap.  The 9-to-5 movement should go the way of disco, too.

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At least they got some exercise. Also the clothes and the shoes they were wearing are not cheap …something tells me they didn't pay for them themselves (despite the song they danced to) or they wouldn't have had the time to put together the flashmob. But then again it wasn't very entertaining to watch…so maybe they didn't take much time to put it together and did have to go to work…nah

I see stimulus dollars were spent at the "FAME" school in DC. Sorry, but no matter how much money you spend, white folks don't have rhythm.

Can I get a stimulus refund?

Quite ironic that on Drudge today there's an article about the TRUTH: women are making 8% more than men.

FAIL!! Liberals: the REAL know-nothing party.

Someone should advertise a free cruise available only to members of the 9-to-5 movement and the Boycott/Divest/Sanction Israel dancers.

A free cruise to Cuba. One way. Drop them off in the land of equality (with special day trips to the socialist paradise of Venezuela available for a nominal extra charge).

I would love to see imaging of their brains when they do this to see if the shame and embarrassment lobe of the brain is active in the slightest. Jeeeeez!

Thanks, DINORightMarie for my exasperated laugh of the day !!

Dr. Milton Friedman discusses so-called "equal pay for equal work" and explains how capitalism makes people pay for their prejudices.