Specifically, tell me about Paul Ryan as a presidential candidate, now that there are murmurings that he may jump in.

Why not?  Republicans are going to have to defend the Ryan plan, who better to do it than Ryan. 

Someone who conveys a seriousness about policy without being a Washington, D.C. insider, who would make mincemeat of a teleprompterless Barack Obama, someone who is willing to face down even the astroturfed crowds sent by Americans United for Change for videotaping by Think Progress.

When Jim Newell of Gawker, formerly of Wonkette, is baiting Ryan to run, maybe we’re onto something.  Bring on the Gawker and Wonkette crowd, and let’s have at it.


(h/t to Fuzzy Slippers for the idea, and reader Dan for the video link)

Update:  A Gallup poll just released shows strong support for Ryan’s plan among all age groups except 18-29, and the support gets stronger the higher the age bracket:

And the disruption at Ryan’s event yesterday, it was caused by SEIU and Teamster officials.

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