Libertarians who are involved with the Free State Project always seem incredibly optimistic that they can reform the legislative practices in New Hampshire within our lifetime.

To someone jaded by the political process in the northeast (like yours truly), this sounds naïve at best. Sure a liberty activist can move to New Hampshire, but they’ll swiftly be canceled out by some other BoSox fan being taxed to death in MA who can’t associate his leftist voting record and its practical consequences.

But once you start seeing resident leftists crying bloody murder about new changes, you know an orient towards liberty is on the rise. This insipid op-ed (at first I thought it was satire) from two ill-informed lefty New Hampshire residents is probably the best testament to the Free State Project’s success yet.

The misinformation presented in the piece is embarrassing. Even the “facts” are wrong. For instance, NH public employees who are retired or vested in their pensions will see no changes. What is more disconcerting, though, is their confusion between liberty and statism. Second amendment rights are translated as “[thinking] that any criminal from anywhere should be able to come to [NH] to buy a gun.” School choice is “[not thinking] that children should have to go to school.” So on and so forth.

I would recommend the Wilburs to move out of New Hampshire since the FSP is only gaining more momentum. (It sounds like their paradigm is relatively nearby anyway.)

Maybe they will make room for someone who can appreciate the progress made in the Granite State.

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