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Shutdown’s Coming, Better Hide Your Heart

Shutdown’s Coming, Better Hide Your Heart

The Democrats want a shutdown more than anything else.  Chuck Schumer has been itching for it, as has the entire Democratic caucus. It will be their magic elixir:

It’s hard to make a deal when you think you don’t even need to negotiate — and that’s what the Democrats think. They think if they shut the government down, they win, and will extract from the Republicans almost everything they want in the next round of negotiations, so why negotiate?

We’ll see if they’re right about that.

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Might recommend a trip over to Rasmussen. They posted yesterday that 57% of those polled considered a govt shutdown appropriate action in order to get even deeper cuts in play. The democrats are playing a game they may have already lost.

Thanks for the 3DN video! Ahhh, how I miss the music!

It seems the Democrats plan on capitalizing on a shutdown. It looks like they have planned on a massive campaign of portraying the Republicans as heartless and cold people that are only interested in the rich. I can just hear them now saying that Republicans have no interest at all the common people in America that are already suffering through bad economic times, yada yada, yada.

The question will be, besides their hard core base, how many others will actually be that shallow to buy into their propaganda? While we know the MSM will help them along, I suspect a growing number of people are well aware of the facts and realize that we simply need to stop the out of control spending…NOW!

I have to believe both sides have conducted extensive polls and they each have some political rationale for their actions. It’s a shame that anyone would support continued deficit spending, but then again, we have many people who have been educated in America by the elites of liberal academe. We have a large number of people that work for unions and the government. We also have increasing numbers of people who are in some other way the beneficiaries of government largess.

Do we truly have that many people who will vote for their own short term good at the expense of the possible bankruptcy of our nation? If people actually buy into the Democratic propaganda, it will be a sad testament about our future. If they hit back against the Democrats, it may signal the final descent of the Obama administration and we may begin to see that there are actually people who have come to realize what kind of shameless charlatans have brought us to this point.

So the Fed shuts down on Friday. Good.