Can I call ’em, or what.  Just yesterday I was noting Obama’s strangely detached from reality focus in his speech Friday night on avoiding having a school trip to the Washington Monument canceled if the government shut down.

So what did he do yesterday afternoon?  He took what the press is terming a Victory Lap by greeting tourists near the Lincoln Memorial:

Beaming with enthusiasm, President Obama surprised tourists with an appearance at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday afternoon. He was there to make the point that places such as the Lincoln Memorial are open today because The White House and House Republicans reached a budget agreement keeping the government open.

“Because Congress was able to settle its differences that’s why this place is open today and everybody’s able to enjoy their visit,” Obama told visitors….

The president got out of his motorcade and rushed up the steps at the memorial where he took a few minutes to shake hands and talk with visitors.

We are in really deep trouble, folks, if this is what passes for a victory lap these days.

How about turning the nation’s fiscal car around so we’re not driving towards a debt cliff, champ? Then you can play Rocky and run up the steps and jump up and down with your arms in the air.

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