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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

From a recently rediscovered colleague:

“Government continues to struggle with the most mundane of tasks, including counting votes. Yet many people want it to take on vastly more sophisticated projects, like running health care.”

His blog is here.

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Dave patiently awaits Ms. Right’s finding him, and in the meantime focuses on his work.


Now that's a libertarian for you. A conservative man would know the good things are worth hunting down.

Since Democrats consistently fight Voter ID laws, how about "Voter Light"? After elections, the names, addresses, precincts, poll number and ballot-on-the-day or absentee information will be published for every election. Let's see if there are addresses with too many people voting with that address. Or people who have moved still voting from an old address, and a new address. Light: a great disinfectant.

sort of runic rhyme | April 9, 2011 at 5:56 pm

"Government continues to struggle with the most mundane of tasks…"

Like cleaning house and cutting things ("grass", it out, the crap, spending and it)?

My dear Milwaukee don't you think it a little hypocritical to request that voters provide IDs when the gentleman in the highest office hasn't proven exactly who he is to everyone's satisfaction. {She says with a sort of sickly smile.}