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Prosser Recount Fund

Prosser Recount Fund

Via JSOnline, David Prosser has set up a webpage to help raise funds for the inevitable recount fight:

After a challenging battle in which a historic number of votes were cast in a Supreme Court race, we need your help in preserving a victory for Justice David Prosser. The likely next step is a recount, requiring resources to protect the integrity of the ballots cast and deliver a win. Please take a moment to contribute, with your help a victory in this hard-fought battle is within reach!

As noted yesterday, Kloppenburg is up only 204 votes based on the AP count (not yet official).  This is a fight worth fighting, particularly given all the anecdotal evidence of Democratic Party shenanigans (I don’t call it “fraud” yet), miscalculations, ineligible voters, car trunks filled with ballots yet to be discovered, and all the other tricks in the Democratic Party bag which were pulled out in Minnesota.

You can donate here.

Update:  Badger Blogger takes a look at the likely Senate recall elections in light of the vote split in the Supreme Court election, and finds one Republican and three Democrats at risk.

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You got it, Chief. Some of today's trading profits (taken from slow-witted lefties, no doubt) going to the cause.

P.S. Music request–my old neighbors, The Cowsills. Instead of candy, they handed out their first album for Halloween the first year they lived on our block. They were the inspiration for "The Partridge Family."

1. Sorry, Bill, I don't agree. I donated to a Prosser ad, but funding the recount seems like throwing good money after bad. Especially if the Democrats control the recount process. Any information about that?

2. The recall elections are a different story, if the GOP finds good candidates.

3. Prosser speaks: "…But I think the message to the country, if [Kloppenburg] is elected, will be: Wisconsin has gone insane,” he sighs. “Wisconsin would be putting a Green Party environmentalist on the supreme court over a relative political moderate at the same time the governor is trying to attract new business to the state. Are they crazy? Are they absolutely crazy?”

His concerns, I fear, apply to the entire USA.

4. I've commented previously that Scott Walker is the person who did not exercise the leadership that would probably have prevented this debacle.

As of 2:10 PM today, Prosser is up by 40 votes.

Just made donation….will hit up others….thanks for the info