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Please Make It Stop

Please Make It Stop

I just don’t know how to make it stop. 

Update:  On the other hand, maybe this is not a bad thing.  Keep spending to advertise on this blog, you’ll really change some minds.  More showing up:

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That is what screen refresh is for! I use it all the time when there is an ad (like that one) that is so offensive that I can't concentrate on the blog post.


BTW – thanks for the live blogging on the WI Prosser election. Close – too close. Just waiting for the inevitable recount fraud that will just add to the "surprise" votes "discovered" today – i.e. vote dumping.

We really need to True the Vote in all 50 states. Before 2012.

I note in your update that the ad was paid for by "Obama for America." Thought they became the DNC "Organizing for America"?! The billion-dollar eternal candidate never dissolved his OFA, as the DNC said? At the end of the 2008 election, Obama For America had millions left over – enough to pay off Hillary's campaign debt, as well as some others'. Hmmmm.

Sounds fishy. Stinking. Rotting. Fishy.

Please stop, it's making me ill. Just say nOpe.

You have my sympathy, Professor!

I have an ad for free government phones at the top of the page. No joke! At least the one to save union correction officer jobs is gone.

Oh the other hand, spending $$$ to advertise Obama on this site is like burning cash. The higher your traffic goes, the more expensive it gets for Team Obama to burn cash here.

I actually did sign up for updates during the '08 campaign. When I got the "flag the fishy" email, I unsubscribed. Fascists one and all.

Elvis used to shoot out TV screens when something appeared on the tube that displeased him. Elvis was cool.

The Professor is a city boy (nothing wrong with that), soft and pink, and couldn't hit the broad side of a Mitsubishi 100-inch TV with internet feed. (Pictures please, if this challenge is taken on.)

Firefox with AdBlock

Hey, if it's making money for you then so be it. If that money is coming out of Obama campaign funds and the message is falling on deaf ears here then all the better. Keep 'em coming!

I think you can click on the banner and cost them even more money. The Obama banner, this is.

I have an ad for free government phones at the top of the page.

Don't click on this one. We're paying for it.

You want to make it stop? Get rid of Google ads.

If you want more control over your ads, use an affiliate program like Commission Junction. (

Pick and choose which ads you place, and instead of giving Google a cut of your profits, it's between you and the advertising partner.

I gave up Google Adsense years ago, and never looked back.

He certainly anticipates a lot of dough in his campaign chest.

One of the reasons I stick with ad-free Blogger at L.N. Smithee's REACTOR is because I don't want ads I hate littering my blog. I once tried a free blog at a news site, but I would have had to look at the disgusting shock banners PETA uses. I just abandoned it.

Dan Riehl, a popular right-wing blogger, has links to MSNBC videos in his lower right corner, and worst of all, the text of his post have those mega-annoying keyword ad links. Worst of all is the fact that those keyword links are used in Yahoo free email accounts, and applied to your emails to others. I discovered that my email to a prospective employer contained a keyword link to an ad for the new Kardashian reality show.

It's the price of "free"dom of the internet, I guess. Oh, I almost forgot — (ahem) — "Eat at Joe's."

@Broomer, I totally agree with you.

sort of runic rhyme | April 6, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Joe's is best, far better than anywhere else!