I did not get a chance to listen to Obama’s “the end of the deficit as we know it” speech. 

Karl Rove is speaking on campus tonight, and I attended a private, off-the-record meeting with Rove and all of the openly conservative faculty in this University of some 2,872 faculty members.  The six of us really enjoyed the meeting.

So what did Obama say?  I usually like to do an “Obama’s _____ speech in one sentence” post, but it is somewhat challenging not having heard the speech.  But let me take a stab at it:

“I inherited this mess from Bush and the wealthiest 5%, but I have a plan to get us out of the mess I inherited from Bush and the wealthiest 5%, which hopefully will mean that our children will not inherit the same mess that I inherited from Bush and the wealthiest 5%.”

Did I get it right?

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