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Near Silence On Syria

Near Silence On Syria

The carnage in Syria continues at a dramatic pace, with the Syrian armed forces and/or police routinesly using live fire against protesters.

Yet there is virtual silence from the world community and the Obama adminsitration.  Some recent words of  condemnation, but not much more.  No U.N. action; no sanctions; no demands that Assad step down.  Instead, the EU and Obama administration demand “reforms.”

The Assad regime is responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of American soldiers in Iraq by facilitating the flow of weapons and foreign fighters, is a main supporter of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and serves as Iran’s gateway to the Mediterranean.

One can make the argument that the U.S. should stay out of Middle Eastern political turmoil, but it is hard to rationalize the Obama administration’s actions in Egypt and Libya with that taken with regard to Syria.

The video below shows sniper fire against a civilian ambulance in the Syrian city of Banias.

Update: Arab League – What we need is a no fly zone in Gaza.

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I can understand the panic, but why not just reverse the meat wagon after the medico got hit, like they do at the end of the clip. I can't imagine that yanking that poor guy out the door and carrying him down the street like that did him any good.

I know diplomacy (even the "smart" kind) and journalism are not exact sciences, but couldn't they at least appear to make an effort at logical application?

It reminds me of the time I was watching the talentless John Davidson host the Hollywood Squares. A contestant called on Jackie Mason's square. Mr. Davidson completely botched the promotional blurb about an upcoming appearance by Jackie, to which a mildly irritated Jackie said to Davidson, "If you ever figure out what you do for a living, you might become pretty good at it."

That sums up this administration and a lot of the media.

I suppose the regime has decided that Syria is doing nothing wrong, and that they are our true "allies" in the region. Twisted administration.

And, of course, the MSM lap dogs do their master's bidding:

Obama administration: "No reporting on Syria……got that?!"

Lap-dog media: "Yes, sir, whatever you say, sir……can I have a treat now?!"

Nothing to see here… move along.

William I have a new blog site which is also covering this event as well as Libya:
I covered this story and asked the same questions here:


I have been watching Syria because like Libya there are some differences from Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt. I need to go back and study the situation and find out more about those who are protesting. In other words is Iran behind the protests.

The situation has been slowly escalating. At first there were a few reported deaths, but now they are openly firing on funeral processions.
In other words, in my view, Assad is taking the Gadhaffi route, which is not good news.

The UN is occupied in the Ivory Coast, and also in Libya, where it is NATO who is in command. Ban Ki Moon has just given an order to use force to oust Gbabgo (sp) in the Ivory Coast. That one is about to get more violent and French boots are already on the ground over there.

I forgot to add that the media is not being silent about the violence. I am picking up the stories in a variety of media outlets including the NY Slimes.

Since media types have been captured and imprisoned one could say that there is a gloves off approach with Syria as well as with Libya.

The media is not reporting much on Egypt so watch to see if Egypt starts to get violent again. (dreams not fulfilled fast enough for some).

The big difference is that the escalation to an all out war on the unarmed civilians in Syria has been at a slower pace than in Libya.Yet I have seen and saved plenty of media reports on the escalation of the violence.

I think we may to see Syria, Iran and their clients take pressure off Syria by increasing tension and hot incidents vs. Israel. If necessary, a "little" war with Israel would swivel Arab, Persian and other heads from looking inward to looking outward. Assad and The Quds Force also can wag the dog. Even the powers that be in Egypt might prefer eyes looking eastward rather than toward Tafir Square. The recent small incursion in Gaza is front and center in the Middle East media replete with mandatory bloody images.

Shia Persian religious imperialism, Sunni Wahhabi religious imperialism, Ottomon revanchism, Kurdish nationalism, petro-lust, the Muslim Brotherhood, the last stand of national tyrants, the survival of remaining Middle East religious minorities, and the aspirations of long suffering people are all coming to a boil.

The liberals tried to discredit the Iraq war as the mere vendetta of Bush Jr. for Sadaam's alleged acts against Bush 41.
So why aren't the same liberals trying to discredit Obama's Libyan adventure (misadventure?)
as being a mere vendetta of Hillary for the humiliation her husband suffered at the hands of Qaddaffy Duck?

Guess, it's just more of the same media bias.

"Yet there is virtual silence from the world community and the Obama adminsitration."

Maybe they're indifferent to it like, as far as I know, their reaction to Hamas taking out an Israeli school bus with an anti-tank rocket.
Maybe a "No Fly Zone" is too far for British and French forces and no US aircraft carrier in the Eastern Med to back them up – so just ignore?
Since when has this administration been coherent in its foreign policy?
Anyway from back in 2003 when Iraq was invaded and Syria permitted all manner of opposition to US forces to flow across its border Bush's admin ignored them as well.
Is there something we are not permitted to know about?

"there is Slaughter in Syria, last Friday, 194 Syrians in total died….that’s the issue nobody wants to talk about. Not even the ferocious Valkyries (Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. To which we really should add Valerie Jarrett, the president’s closest confidante this side of Michelle. You know, the woman born in Shiraz, Iran, who is said to speak Farsi?)."

The Tatler