The carnage in Syria continues at a dramatic pace, with the Syrian armed forces and/or police routinesly using live fire against protesters.

Yet there is virtual silence from the world community and the Obama adminsitration.  Some recent words of  condemnation, but not much more.  No U.N. action; no sanctions; no demands that Assad step down.  Instead, the EU and Obama administration demand “reforms.”

The Assad regime is responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of American soldiers in Iraq by facilitating the flow of weapons and foreign fighters, is a main supporter of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and serves as Iran’s gateway to the Mediterranean.

One can make the argument that the U.S. should stay out of Middle Eastern political turmoil, but it is hard to rationalize the Obama administration’s actions in Egypt and Libya with that taken with regard to Syria.

The video below shows sniper fire against a civilian ambulance in the Syrian city of Banias.

Update: Arab League – What we need is a no fly zone in Gaza.

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