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Libyan promise

Libyan promise


Sort of sounds like a regime change to me….

David Cameron, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy upped the stakes in the Libya conflict last night as they vowed to fight on until Colonel Gaddafi is ousted.

In a joint article, the British, American and French leaders warned that it would be an ‘unconscionable betrayal’ were Nato to stop bombing with the dictator still in power.

Where oh where is the anti-war left?

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When does Sean Penn fly to Libya to show support for his buddy, the good Colonel?

I think Obama planned 9/11 so that Bush would go to war with Afghanistan, which would lead to war with Iraq, which would provide us with justification to bomb Libya.

Its the only logical explaination right Michael Moore?

The anti-war left was another thing that ended in January of '09. Sure, the anti-war movement still exists, but once the portion of its membership that was there for purely political reasons moved on to other things their footprint all but disappeared.

Sean's too busy with his new house guest Scarlet.

This is what they wrote in Libya’s Pathway to Peace:

Our duty and our mandate under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 is to protect civilians, and we are doing that. It is not to remove Qaddafi by force. But it is impossible to imagine a future for Libya with Qaddafi in power. The International Criminal Court is rightly investigating the crimes committed against civilians and the grievous violations of international law. It is unthinkable that someone who has tried to massacre his own people can play a part in their future government. The brave citizens of those towns that have held out against forces that have been mercilessly targeting them would face a fearful vengeance if the world accepted such an arrangement. It would be an unconscionable betrayal.

Given Qaddafi's superior firepower, that sounds like abdication to me. If NATO says he need to be removed but won't bring the necessary force to bear, Qaddafi will stay in power.