… and Barack Obama set the date.

Today the Fed’l gov’t will shut down operations at midnight unless Reid, Boehner, & Obama come to agreement on the budget by the end of the day. The Dems have done a great job of claiming that this is the Republicans fault, but Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine hit it on the head:

“President Barack Obama, along with most of his Democratic colleagues, are bellyaching that John Brown No Compromise Republidouches are gonna shut the government down by not compromisin’ already even though they got everything they wanted, including trims variously valued at effectively 0.00 percent of this year’s federal spending.

… the Dems oughta face facts. The only reason that they are in a pickle is because they utterly failed to pass a fricking budget last year even though they controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. There’s no way around it, fellers: You stunk up the joint worse… This marks the only time since current budget-process rules were adopted in 1974 that a budget didn’t get done. Nice going, Dems. Regardless of who voters end up blaming this time around, in your heart, you know you suck.”

This is like a libertarian Christmas. No new spending, no new pet issues….

Will it last more than a week? Well, I can dream. At the very least I hope people wonder what the government funds with federal dollars.

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