The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) has completed its inquiry into the Waukesha County vote count, which put David Prosser into the lead by 7316 votes, and has found the vote count to be accurate, with only a handful of questioned votes.

As reported by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The state’s top election watchdog agency has satisfied itself that results certified by Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus for the April 5 election are consistent with totals reported by municipalities, though “a few anomalies” were found in a four-day investigation.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Government Accountability Board staff said, “After completing the review of the election materials from Waukesha County, there were some discrepancies found in the Government Accountability Board’s evaluation of the Waukesha County election returns that could not be explained based upon the documentation reviewed.”

They amounted to only a handful of votes.

The GAB statement explained the steps that were taken to verify the vote count:

The review was conducted over four days and focused on auditing the Spring Election materials, including:

  • Total Votes Cast Report from Voting Equipment
  • Ballot Container Security Seals/Documentation
  • Inspectors’ Statement- Election Day Log
  • Write-In Form
  • Security Documentation of Voting Equipment Memory Devices
  • Certification Page of Poll List

All documents were photographed or scanned and any relevant data was recorded by G.A.B. staff. The total votes cast record reported by the voting equipment was compared to the official canvass report from Waukesha County. The ballot container security seals were compared to the required documentation record maintained by the appropriate election officials. The total number of voters recorded on the Inspectors’ Statement and Certification Page of Poll List were compared to the total number of ballots cast, to ensure there were not more ballots counted than voter numbers issued.

It’s over.  The one county in question which could have made a difference has been verified after an extensive investigation.

Kloppenburg’s slim chance of prevailing in a recount just left town.  Probably for Illinois.

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