Having absented himself from the budget debate until the end, having run up several trillion dollars in debt, having expanded government, having proven himself completely incapable of comprehending that government is not the answer, Barack Obama is set to announce a deficit reduction plan.

But as all things Obama, it’s likely to be smoke, mirrors and campaign strategy, with only “goals” planned and a “win the future” campaign moniker placed over the spin (emphasis mine):

In his remarks, which come after Friday’s bipartisan deal to cut domestic spending by about $38 billion for the remainder of this budget year, Mr. Obama will not offer details but will set deficit-cutting goals, White House officials said. The numbers were still under discussion on Sunday.

“He’ll lay out his approach this week in terms of the scale of debt reduction he thinks the country needs so we can grow economically and win the future — a balanced approach,” David Plouffe, the senior White House political strategist, said on “Fox News Sunday,” one of four talk shows on which he appeared Sunday.

Obama has been brought kicking and screaming to the table, and there is no honesty to his commitment to deficit reduction. 

It’s all Alexrod/Plouffe campaign messaging, a political game, hoping the American people will repeat the mistakes of the past by forgetting the past two and one-half years.

[Headline corrected to reflect that Obama speech will be Wednesday, not tomorrow.]

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