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Friday Night Prisoner Exchange Redux

Friday Night Prisoner Exchange Redux

Could tonight be the night it all comes together?

Friday Night Prisoner Exchange?

Is The Andrew still up for it?

There was a time when the idea of an exchange was so appealing to him.

He still wants one of the prisoners, worse than ever.  The other one, not so much anymore,

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cassandra lite | April 15, 2011 at 10:30 am

Absolutely, Sarah Palin should release all of Trig's medical records, as well as her OB's chart, because the Constitution's 337th amendment requires that former VP candidates with Facebook pages and Twitter accounts come clean before going on the lecture circuit.

Even if she decides to run for President, how would whether or not your child had baby out of wedlock bear any influence for you eligibility for office? She'd probably still agree to it though, because she doesn't have anything to hide.

I refuse to click on any Andrew Sullivan links.

Tell me what the articles are about so I don't have to read his baloney, please.


And to think, I used to read little Andi every day. Back in the day when DenBeste was writing 2,000-5,000 words a day on global politics.