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Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl

In using that term, Sarah Palin issued a political call to action directed at the men who rule the Republican Party:

“We didn’t elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic,” Palin said during a rally in front of the Wisconsin statehouse in Madison. “What we need from you, GOP, is to fight.” Pointing to the national champion University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team, Palin said the GOP could learn from its resolve and “needs to learn how to fight like a girl.”

But the phrase signaled far more.  Palin acknowledged what those of us who have followed the Tea Party movement have known for a long time:  Women have been the driving force and energy behind the Tea Party movement.

But even more than that, Palin took a phrase usually considered an insult and turned it into a compliment.

In one sentence, Palin did more to advance the cause of women in politics than all the Women’s Studies Ph.D’s in all the universities in this country combined.

Update: Sissy Willis reminds us of the day.  Be sure to watch the video of pre-nominee “drill baby drill” talk. I just paid $68 to fill my car this morning. How much longer until they come out with one of those automobile windmills?

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She's a tough broad. I really admire her.

This fight over Palin is all about race. That's why the left keeps calling the Tea Party racists.

When the Democrats praised McCain for being "moderate" and "reasonable," they meant that he refused to go after Obama for being a race hustler and associating with terrorists.

Obama, the left is arguing, is above criticism because he is black. Criticizing Obama is racism.

Palin represents the interests of middle and lower class whites. These people are supposed by the left to be so racist and reprehensible that they cannot be represented by any "respectable" politician. Middle and lower class whites are supposed to just shut up and accept their status as political untouchables.

So, it's all about race.

The reason that Palin is "stupid" is because she represents the interests of the untouchables.

And, yes, she's what a woman in politics should be. No wonder she was a state champ in Alaska high school basketball.

Great post Professor, especially your conclusion. However, your conclusion suggests that Womens' Studies have advanced the cause of women. I question that premise, unless the cause of women is defined narrowly to only include certain questionable causes such as the superiority of "career" to full-time motherhood; the "right" to abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy; and gender equality (with certain exceptions such as those in Sharia law).

On your WIunion live feed, the tweeters kept claiming that the TEA Party crowd was only 500 or so. Lies! It was obvious from videos that the crowd was in the 1000's from the signs, Gadsden flags, etc. Lying loser leftists. I expected their shouts to interrupt Sarah. You could just barely hear a faint drone from them. Pathetic.

Sarah Palin was on target and is honest, hard-hitting, galvanizing. For shame on Obama. Hypocrite is the nicest thing that can be said about him. Fight like a girl – you betcha!!

If she runs, she will ignite the Republican Party. Just what they need!!

Yeah, I wrote about this morning too. Have you ever SEEN a real girl fight? I have and it's pretty ugly. They get down to blood and hair pulling pretty fast. I like the way she back handedly calls them girlie men too.
She really is something, to have the nerve to enter that hell hole of Madison, Wisconsin, Althouse and Tea Party notwithstanding.
She has more guts than any of those girlie men representing the Republican party, I'm sorry, like the prissy Pawlenty or the undertaker Mitch Daniels.
Rock on.

Just an observation but an apt one me thinks. Its pretty sad when the only folks with large brass one's between their legs in the GOP have mammary glands

As I said way back on Day One, Sarah Palin gets my girls-just-wanna-have-fun juices flowing!

At least one person in the GOP understands why conservatives aren't "retarded" for responding so favorably to The Donald's bold gate crashing. Frustrated having to watch the limp noodle pointdexters that are lining up to run for president cautiously fighting a war one inch at a time, in jumps Trump grasping all of the important issues no one else dares to talk about, answering all questions boldly and moving forward in yards not inches.

At least Palin gets that much.

This is why I LOVE Palin. I've been saying for some time that it's been the women of the Conservative movement who have been doing the heavy lifting while the men stand around on the sidelines. In Palin's case, she was also instrumental in winning the Republicans 800+ seats last Fall, bringing millions of dollars to Conservative candidates, bringing Conservatism back into the national dialogue, generally picking excellent candidates, putting Obama himself on the defensive when she correctly identified the death panels, and generally being an all around pain in the ass to the Left.


Sarahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! She took the fight to the GOP, to Obama and the Dems. Watch the long knives come out, but they've got nothing to cut cuz they hit her with their best shots, thought she was dead, but she's back!!! She's got more balls than the entire GOP Congress, including Ryan.

1. But the phrase signaled far more. Palin acknowledged what those of us who have followed the Tea Party movement have known for a long time: Women have been the driving force and energy behind the Tea Party movement.

Kudos to them. Unfortunately the phrase went beyond praising women's contributions into outright gender politics.

2. In one sentence, Palin did more to advance the cause of women in politics than all the Women's Studies Ph.D's in all the universities in this country combined.

But she did so in a manner that, in effect, legitimizes the premises of women's studies etc as currently practiced: Marxist, postmodern, multiculti premises.

Consider me underjoyed.

It's true…'s much about race but not completely. The statist, the dependents on the State, want their lush benefits and pensions and they will do anything to keep 'em. That's why Barry Soetoro is protected by the MSM and academia.

Palin is common-sensed, pro American, in favor of a little more limited government.

Why would any American be against that?

I read this somewhere yesterday, so I can’t take credit, but after watching Sarah Palin in Madison somebody said, “It appears that ovaries are the new cojones.”

Great post professor and I definitely agree. As a grad student and as a woman, I am so thankful there's finally woman like Sarah Palin on the national political scene.

Shatter that glass ceiling baby; Palin 2012

gs…I have 2 words for your comment.

What. a. crock.

Stephanie said…

gs…I have 2 words for your comment.

What. a. crock.

chuckle Reminds me of Jim "Another Conservative for Kerry" Treacher's open letter, 10 Reasons I'm Not Voting for You, Mr. George W. Bush:

9. Two words: You. Are. Dumb.

"Oil development in the USA will not solve the problem."

In the alternate reality I live in, he was laughed off the stage for that remark, and labeled either a liar or an idiot.

"Game ON"

Puma, Palinista & Grizzly Mamma R RRrrrrrready!! 2 fight like WE MEAN IT!
Yea, Like a GIRL! W00T!!

I wonder what name Sarah will give to the malamute that she acquires shortly after moving into her new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in January 2013.