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Enough Signatures For Recall of Sen. Robert Wirch (D-22) In Wisconsin

Enough Signatures For Recall of Sen. Robert Wirch (D-22) In Wisconsin

I don’t know if this is a sign that perhaps all the noise and fury from the Democrats and unions in Wisconsin does not reflect reality, but it is worth noting that Republicans have collected enough signatures to force a recall election in Senate District 22, Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie), as reported by JSOnline.

Wirch is in a district which Obama won by a large margin (16 pts) in 2008, so it’s hard to be optimistic about the prospects of the recall being successful.  But Scott Walker won the district by 6 points in 2010, so who knows.  Also, it has to be a good sign that there did not appear to be much trouble getting the signatures for a recall of a Democratic Senator in a heavily Democratic voting district. 

Anyone with local knowledge, please chime in in the comments or e-mail me.

Also, check out the Recall Wirch website.

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Great news! Thanks for the update.

I would also like to know from someone local what the election set for tomorrow looks like? That seems to be the deal maker, or breaker to me.

"Also, it has to be a good sign that there did not appear to be much trouble getting the signatures for a recall of a Democratic Senator in a heavily Democratic voting district."

Maybe his and Obama's voters went back home.

It's a good sign. We just need to see where it goes. Would there be union goons playing "Black Panther" at the polls?

Look out for busloads of Mexicans arriving at the polling stations. Being non-citizens, they can vote illegally in ANY state.

I think we have a good shot at bumping out Wirch. It will, as usual, boil down to turnout. But, a lot of Democrats I know thought Senator Wirch running to Illinois was ridiculous. And I am not so sure that the union base here in Kenosha and Racine is cohesive enough to rally it up for him. Despite their mixed thoughts on Governor Walker and Republican's in general.

The conservative base in the rest of the county is fired up and I think that will make the difference. We'll see whom steps up. Reince Preibus tried before but times were different then. Remember what position Mr Preibus has now. That could be significant. It should be.

Senator Wirch sent me a letter recently; in a response to my early e-mail asking him to return to Madison and represent his district. Part of his response stated "Over the last month, I have been contacted by 2,678 households in my district opposing this bill and 1,212 in support of Governor Walkers bill. I have listened to the voters of my district in opposing this legislation."

Nice crystal ball there, eh? Plus, the irony of using a will of the district majority argument in an attempt to excuse the subversion of the will of the majority in the Senate is ridiculous as well.

When Senator Wirch returned to Madison, he stood in front of the camera and made 3 points. First, his history of working at The American Brass. A private manufacturing union mind you, not public. Second, the Catholic papal says workers have a right to form a union. I don't even know how to respond to that. And Third, the United Nations says workers have a right to form a union.

Senator Wirch is going to have a hard time convincing the public what he did was right; if that is the crux of his argument. I estimate the odds are in our favor.


sort of runic rhyme | April 4, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Matt: "Would there be union goons playing "Black Panther" at the polls?"

I'm thinking, Matt, that were there union goons, too many right-thinking independents would demand Pink Panther black jazz, instead.

I live south of it and spend some time there.

It is a very diversified distict.

On the east is Kenosha an industrial town with decaying industry but also a good revitilation effort.

On the west agricultrure.

It is in Chicago Milwaukee corridor with scattered suburban neighborhods who's residents have orientation to Chicago or Milwaukee or the many corporate centers in between

I would be slow to predict.

Will the change in ID requirements passed while the Fleebaggers were on holiday have taken effect for the special election?

That certainly won't hurt the chances of kicking him out.

Hi Professor Jacobson. Thanks for the feature! Nice place you've got here.
Harry? No. Just a lowly 'bot on the blogger food chain. Have a great day!

But, but …. the liberals said that the rightwinger's efforts were going nowhere?

By the way. Esenberg has an interesting take on the judicial election today:


ID didn't pass yet. It passed the assembly but not the Senate. It is up in the next session that starts tomorrow? Maybe today. I forget.

Note what is being discussed by Dan at Powip and over at Big Govt. The union members are asking the leaders what good union dues are if the unions are selling them out anyway?

The more time union members have to figure this out, the better our chances to unseat Democrats here in WI. The Democrats know this. Which is why the Supreme Court election and upcoming case is so important to them.

It's almost over. And I see the sunrise.

As a signature collector myself (to get rid of Wirch), Yesterday was not just productive, but fun as well. The more the unionistas get in my face, it just makes me want to gather another sheet of signatures. I turnned in 53 signatues yesterday.