I’m really proud to see Chris Christie cracking down on the public teachers union in NJ, but I think he could take a page from Mitch Daniels’ book after seeing the latest piece of legislation the Indiana governor has helped bring to fruition….

The final components of Gov. Mitch Daniels’ education reform package – a massive new voucher program and charter school expansion – cleared the Indiana House on Wednesday and could be law within days with just the stroke of a pen.

Two other bills affecting Indiana education have already passed – one reducing collective bargaining rights for teachers and another tying teacher pay to student performance.

A state will a voucher structure in place will be a great boon for those in the fight for school choice. The evidence against the status quo is overwhelming, but the example of a statewide solution would really bring things home.
I applaud Governor Daniels and hope to see Chris Christie emulate him.

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