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Countdown to the Shutdown / Update – Deal Reached

Countdown to the Shutdown / Update – Deal Reached

Endgame – Significant cuts, no distraction from the Paul Ryan proposal, and an up or down vote on repealing Obamacare in the Senate.  Worth it?

11:15 – Mitch McConnell took to the floor.  Says moving on from saving billions to saving trillions.

11:10 – Harry took to the floor of the Senate to mumble through something or other. 

11:05 – Obama statement.  Looked like reading a teleprompter, with the Washington Monument in the backdrop.  Gave a campaign speech.  Really a poor performance, a complete phony photo-op.  Acted as if it was his doing that there will be big spending cuts.  Even threw into the speech a story about a school trip to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which will not have to be cancelled.

10:55 – Boehner says agreement.  Short term continuing resolution to allow agreement to be put into legislation.  Did not give any details.

10:50 – Fox News reporting deal in the works, 39-40b in cuts, no PP rider, short term “stop gap” 4-5 days to give time for broader bill.  Will be separate stand alone vote on cutting funding to PP (which of course would be a charade because even if the Senate passed it, Obama would veto it.)

10:45 – talk of a 5-6 day deal but not confirmed or any details.

10:30 EDT – Still no deal announced.

What actually would need to be shut, as opposed to what will be shut for publicity sake?

Just received this e-mail from the New Hampshire federal court:

With budget negotiations continuing in Congress, there have been numerous media accounts of a possible government shutdown as of midnight on April 9, 2011. Please note that a government shutdown, if one occurs, will not immediately affect federal judicial operations in New Hampshire. In accordance with regulations promulgated by the U.S. Judicial Conference, the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire, including the Probation Office and the Bankruptcy Court in Manchester, will continue to be fully operational on and after April 9, 2011, until further notice.

So court will be open on Monday, regardless.

Updates to follow.

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Just received a post from my Army future soldier center regarding the possible shutdown of government.
►►ATTENTION FUTURE SOLDIERS◄◄ – Unfortunately we do not have any information on the status of the shutdown nor whether military pay will be affected or not. When and if the information is given to us, we will make sure it is posted and known to all. (kb)

sucks that the Democrats are holding all of the troops hostage.

To be very specific, that's the troops own Commander-in-chief. …. Hey private, go stand by that ticking bomb, while I see if I can't make sure we get something extra for desert.

You know, I'm starting to believe the birther stories. This guy isn't even trying anymore to fake it. He's a total fake.

I told our dinner guests tonight that a deal would be struck shortly before midnight, and tomorrow the press will be filled with stories that it never could have happened without Obama's leadership.

Now we just have to get through the debt ceiling vote.

Hint: Just pass it. When Ryan's budget is eventually passed (in 2013) it won't matter what the debt ceiling is.

Someone in Congress, I'm sure, has a list of the "non-essential functions" Obama & Co. threatened to shut down if a budget deal was not reached. Aside from the Continuing Resolution media theater we'll be subjected to for the next weeks and months, I would hope that whatever 2012 budget the Republican House of Representatives submits deletes those functions from the budget. After all, minions of the Supreme Leader have identified them as non-essential. Cut them completely and make Democrats and Obama make the case for reinstating them.

Worth it? Yes. The dollar figures are not where we need to be but it's a good start.

Changing minds was important, along with getting the message out that spending can be curtailed.

Shutting down the government would have accomplished neither.

I'd say "yes" it was worth it. We got some solid cuts, and will force the Senate Democrats on record–once again–for Obamacare. We can go after PP in the future. I just hope that the grassroots can appreciate what Boehner's getting done, rather than criticize him for failing to fight a battle he might not have won anyway.

They won.
…from Politico

"Boehner was forced to abandon some major demands, including Planned Parenthood, restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency and efforts to restrict Obama’s health reform bill."

So Obamacare moves forward to that point where it will be so metastasized into our body politic that it will be impossible to remove. The EPA anti-carbon, anti-capitalism juggernaut continues on it's merry way. And the Planned Parenthood scam continues (government funds Planned Parenthood, dollars from Planned Parenthood go to Democrat Party and politicians who then fund Planned Parenthood) And anyway much of the world has a population implosion, not an explosion, so why government funded family planning? Our own little American one child policy in the face of demographic decline and catastrophe.

If PP funding gets through, by any means, then once again we have proof that only issue that matters to Democrats is this one. And they call me a one-issue-voter??

$3,820 – 2011 Budget
$1,650 – 2011 Deficit
$0,039 – Cuts, after all the hooing and hollaring.

I haven't seen the final riders but I will bet they are weak-kneed. No EPA riders, no Obamacare riders, no national Planned Parenthood riders, No NPR riders. With victories like this who needs defeats?

Politico loves it!

How disappointing.

Take the list of NON essential workers, cut it in half, close the DoE, the NEA, and PP.

Now this means that my mail carrier will still have a job delivering junk mail. Even on Saturdays. And Planned Parenthood will still be killing babies as fast as they can. Well, since PP just build its largest facility (7 stories) in Sheila Jackson Lee's district, guess her district won't be growing anytime soon.

My question, this deal of $39.5 billion in cuts is it in addition to cuts already made, you know the deal of two billion a week slices on the continuing resolutions or is it the total for the year. I see with the new short term fix to keep the government running while the budget deal is prepared, there is another $2 billion in cuts.

If the total for the year is $39.5 billion, then it is inadequate. If it is in addition to cuts already extracted, then Boehner did pretty well and is positioned to get further deeper cuts in the next fiscal year.

I am disappointed by the meagerness of the cuts, as demonstrated in viator's comment above. I hope that something more signifcant, maybe even material, can be achieved in relation to what we will be told is an absolute need to increase the debt ceiling.

As a former state party executive director (WA 2000 during Bush 2) there are times when I have been ashamed of the GOP.

This is one of those.

We draw a line in the sand. We make a mark. We take a stand.

Except we keep moving the line. and we keep moving the line away from where we should have.

And if shutting this down is what it takes to do the right thing… then that's what it takes.

If every Republican is thrown out of office because they did the right thing, the correct thing, the thing that had to be done… then that should be the price these people are willing to pay.

But none of them have the guts to put their principles ahead of what is supposed to be their jobs.

This collapse… this cop out… is just a harbinger of things to come.

Memo to Boehner: Leadership means that you never promise that which you cannot deliver. If these things were not important enough for you to fall on your sword, if you are not absolutely sure that you can deliver?

Then keep your mouth shut.

Because to have us believe in you, and what you claim you're trying to do, you must deliver.

And here, you failed.

Tell us again… it was $100 billion you were going to whack from the budget, right?

And so, we're supposed to BELIEVE you're going to stick to your guns on the Ryan Plan?

Bull. When push comes to shove, you'll cave. Because like Churchill is supposed to have said:

"Madam, we've already determined what you are. Now we're just haggling over the price."