This week has hosted an unusual amount of conservative speakers on the Cornell campus. On Monday, Yuval Levin, of National Affairs fame, addressed the student body through our “Freedom and Free Societies” speaker series. Levin gave a really succinct overview of the implications of Obamacare. Basically, we have an even more perverse market thanks to this legislation that, at its core, assumes that markets do not work.

Yesterday, Karl Rove addressed the student body thanks to the College Republicans. “The Architect” was wise in keeping any prospective 2012 names close to his chest, but he did speculate that Obamacare and the state of the economy will play a major influence in 2012 (obviously he elaborated). While the talk wasn’t terribly informative for someone who pays attention to the news cycle, it probably exposed a number of lefties to some facts from “the other side of the aisle.” It was perfectly tailored to the audience and Rove was extremely charming. (And when he called out an aged hippie in the audience who was throwing a hissy fit throughout his speech, I found him particularly endearing.)

As an aside, Rove’s latest op-ed in the Journal is biting:
Mr. Obama routinely describes a fiscal nirvana without telling Americans how he proposes to get there.”
The president has no moral authority to insist Congress raise the debt ceiling without restrictions. As a U.S. senator, he voted against raising the ceiling, delivering a simplistic and crassly political speech he now says he regrets—but which he cannot erase.”

Exactly, Karl, now join a campaign and put someone in front of this race!

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