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Wisconsin End Game Live Event 3-9-2011

Wisconsin End Game Live Event 3-9-2011

From news reports, it appears that a move is in process in the Wisconsin legislature to pass the collective bargaining reforms separately, and that the Democrats who fled to Illinois are racing back to try to stop it.  So we’ll go to a Live Event so everyone can keep apprised of the developments.

Earlier today I posted that this appeared to be the only way out given that Democrats had signaled they were not returning any time soon, Tweet Signals Long Wisconsin Standoff, Time To Split The Bill.

Some related prior posts:

Video of vote tonight:

Live Video Feed (active for now) from inside Capitol:

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at

Video from Althouse of scene inside Capitol:

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Update 11:45 p.m. – Live Event now closed.  6,132 people participated, with over 500 comments.  Thanks!

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Oh, yessssssssssssssssssssss!

I listened live on local radio. The one Assembly Democrat who showed up screamed bloody murder. Claimed it was "against the law".

Like the Left gives a sh!7 about the law.

Democracy begins to unfreeze. Walker prevailed in Milwaukee County, and became more popular.

your crappy ad messed up my participation.

"Democracy begins to unfreeze. Walker prevailed in Milwaukee County" AMEN!

@Beto_Ochoa – the ad is not mine, from service that provides live feed.

Run Firefox and install a FF plugin called Ad-Block Plus. Load the default definitions file.

Works very well on Cover-It-Live ads.

Now pass a bill requiring anyone who files to run for president in WI provide a certified copy of their long-form birth certificate effective in 60 DAYS. That will at least give them leverage over WH efforts to stir up unrest in WI and set an example for other states on how to counter WH involvement in local affairs.

Congrats republicans! You won this one, but may well have awakened a sleeping giant.

@General Stuck…

More like they pissed off a dying giant.

If the bill was written properly, the GOP needs only to hold one branch of the legislature or, alternatively, the governor's office with a big enough legislative minority to uphold a veto, and they can maintain the reforms.

Unless Wisconsin courts overturn the law. (Remember, constitutions are not meant to be taken literally. They are living, breathing documents.) Judicial overreach is an issue that has simmered for decades, but I'm not sure that Wisconsin is the right time and place for a confrontation.

Congratulations to Wisconsin Republicans, but they, and the Badger State, are a long way from being out of the woods.

"Congrats republicans! You won this one, but may well have awakened a sleeping giant."

The giant put the Republicans in office to pass this law. The, what, 2%?, of the population that is owned by a union doesn't exactly count as a "giant", does it?

Well, that's a surprise.

Looks like the (R) Leggies are playing "bad cop" to Walker's "good cop," as he had insisted that he did NOT want to pass the bill without the 'fiscal' components.

Good news, but still surprising.

The sleeping giant was awakened 3 weeks ago when those teenagers skipped school and left their garbage all over the capital. You're welcome for the "teabaggers" cleaning up after your lazy, selfish, immature giant.

And after 3 weeks of huffing and puffing and threatening to blow Walker's house down, the giant lost. Simple as that.

See you in November 2012.

An interesting question was posed today on another site that legally I was hoping you could address in one of your next posts.

"Wisconsin Repubs used a procedural vote to get around the issue of the missing Dem senators. Isn't that basically the same thing that was done by the Dems to force the healthcare bill through?"