The 400 wealthiest people control more wealth than that controlled by bottom economic half the population. Michael Moore said it, and PolitiFact checked it, so it must be true.

So what?

There is no limit to wealth in a free-market, capitalist society, unlike a socialist society where government controls the means of production and decides who gets what from the finite pie.

No one is stopping you from starting and building the next Microsoft, or Google, or Facebook, and joining that list.

The creation of wealth is very dynamic.  Look at the Forbes 400 list and you will find some old-line families, but they are shrinking in prominence. 

But look towards the top of that list, and you will find families or individuals that built great businesses which created hundreds of thousands of jobs and lowered the cost of living for hundreds of millions of people (the Waltons, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Michael Dell), and entrepreneurs who invented or developed the technology which is the foundation of our economy (Jeff Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft, Larry Ellison of Oracle ).

Interestingly, politics doesn’t control.  You find the Koch brothers and George Soros near the top as well.  So industrialists and currency speculators all have a shot.

There is nothing holding you back, except your own talents and imagination, and stifling government regulations, taxes and mandates which make it increasingly difficult to grow a business.

Growing the pie is a concept the Democratic Party doesn’t understand.  Instead, it is focused on slicing the pie we have.  Which is why the Democratic Party and the Michael Moores of the world hold no promise for our future, they dwell on the past.

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