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We Need Affirmative Happiness Action

We Need Affirmative Happiness Action

From The Cornell Sun:

Although Cornell’s female faculty report higher levels of satisfaction than they did in 2005, male faculty still say they are happier with their jobs than their female colleagues are, according to the results of the 2010 Faculty Work Life Survey.

Looking at the report, though, the levels of satisfaction are pretty high for everyone, with a larger disparity in the “very satisfied” category, which gap is almost closed once you add in the “somewhat satisfied” responses:

By the way, these aggregate numbers are in line with general job satisfaction in the U.S. as reflected in Gallup and SHRM surveys.

Moral of the story:  You can’t please everyone (so stop trying?).

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OMG! Happiness is discriminating against WYMYNNS!

See, the patriarchy is still going strong. The Happiness Ceiling is keeping wymynn melancholy, sad and in the parlor weeping!

A program must be enacted NOW!!

All MEN must report to local centers for UNHAPPINESS apportionment and wymynn to HAPPINESS INJECTION CLINICS.

Any man found smiling too much will be flogged on sight!

Help right this terrible wrong!

/sarc (did I really have to put that in?)

BTW: if g-d(dess) is a women, why did SHE give women such a (according to some of them) raw deal? One wonders if they pause in their 24/7 hormonal outrage at life and ponder this?