I was in New York over the weekend. Just as I had forgotten how polemic and distasteful Manhattan mini-storage ads were, I saw this gem on the West Side Highway. (I was in the passengers seat, no lefty or righty was hurt in the taking of this picture.)

PR firms have weighed in on this matter to conclude that the overly-abrasive ads really just doesn’t make any sense. I agree. New Yorkers may be Democrats overwhelmingly, but the city itself isn’t very “political” — or at least in comparison to a place like DC. For instance, my “left-leaning independent” (read: politically-apathetic college friends at NYU) really could care less about elected politicians and just want “government to do good.” (Dream on, but at least they have good intentions.) While they may not care for my politics, I am thankful that ads like the mini-storage one don’t make them laugh. They, and most New Yorkers, just see them for what they are: a cheap shot.

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