The video sting operation which showed two senior NPR employees, including Ron Schiller, dining with purported members of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group which was considering a large donation to NPR, is being presented by NPR and its supporters as some sort of horrific surprise.

In fact, the contents of the video and the positions taken by the NPR employees were not very surprising. 

Each of the controversial aspects of the video was in fact standard Democratic Party and/or left-wing ideological fare:

  • The nasty comments about how Tea Party supporters were racist is a mainstream Democratic Party position.  I would not even call it “left-wing.”  From Barack Obama’s obsession with bitter clingers, to Harry Reid comparing opposition to Obamacare to supporting slavery, to Sheldon Whitehouse‘s invocation of Kristallnacht, to the left-blogosphere’s failed eliminationist narratives, on down the line, portraying the opponents of Obama’s policies as crazed extremists is completely non-controversial in Democratic Party circles.  In fact, it is their strategy.
  • The nasty comments, agreed to by the NPR people, about pro-Israel bias resulting from Jewish domination of the media, were standard for the left-wing of the Democratic Party, which relentlessly pushes the Walt-Mearsheimer obsession with the “Israel Lobby,” including leading liberal lights such as Glenn Greenwald who uses the term “Israel Firsters” and portrays Eric Cantor as having pledged allegiance to Israel, and mainstream Democratic media operations such as Media Matters pushing the Israel Lobby meme.
  • The non-pulsed reaction from the liberal NPR employees to soliticiting funds from a group they thought was devoted to the expansion of Sharia law also was not surprising.  Whether in Malmö, Sweden, on a boat in the Mediterranean sailing for Gaza, at a stone-throwing contest in the West Bank, or in boycotts of Israeli products, the willingness of leftists and Islamists to work together on specific issues (mostly related to hating Israel) is well-documented.

There really was nothing surprising about the surprise video.  Except that it all was caught on video.

If NPR really was so outraged about these comments, then it doesn’t know its audience.

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