There will be a vote in Wisconsin which will shake the political landscape of the nation.

That vote is not today in the Wisconsin Assembly on the bill passed last night in the Senate restricting public employee union collective bargaining.

That vote will not be in April, when there are local elections in Wisconsin.

That vote will not be sometime in the next few months as a result of various recall petitions.

The vote which will shake our political landscape will not be on a single day, and will not be televised.

The vote will not even be on a ballot.

The vote will be taken with the feet of tens of thousands of Wisconsin public employee union members, who will have the choice for the first time in memory of deciding whether to join the union and pay the union dues, which have been estimated in the $700-1000 per year range.

The public employees will have to make a choice, take a pay increase or pay the union.

I think we know how that vote will turn out, and whether the employees — once given a choice — will buy what the unions are selling.

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